Did not get a skin from LV 55 Commander Pack

At Character rank 55, I got an Eldrid commander pack and did not get a skin witch it says is guaranteed or a taunt witch is optional but instead got 500 credits. Is this working as intended and if so why does the pack say that we Always get a skin?

Bump because out of the Level 80 commander pack i had just gotten. It gave me 10 Coins. Not a Skin or taunt or even a rare. But a Uncommon a Common and a pack of 10 coins. You need to look into this or change the descreption on the loot packs. this is Bull that i have lost out on 2 “free skins”. @GBX

This needs addressing. Also have been getting coins out of commander packs. Description literally states that it should contain at least one skin or taunt.

I am CR 100 and the vast majority of my Commander loot packs have contained coins. I have also opened dozens, if not over 100, faction loot packs and getting skins and taunts from them has also been exceedingly rare. I have probably gotten almost as many legendary items from loot packs as I have skins or taunts at this point.

Do you guys already have all the available skins and taunts for those factions?


Well that’s pretty shifty then and I’m going to start saving all my packs till its fixed! Thanks for heads up and hope GB fixes this!

Did they promise a skin/taunt for Command packs? I never red/heard that before.
I had 2 CPs so far without skins/taunts and several other with skins/taunts. I thought its on RNGesus what you get…

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I think you get credits when the pack would have given you a skin or taunt you already have. Weird RNG but it is what it is

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Ahhh thats whats the coincards are for!
I´m afraid of those things, since I saw they can bug showing “0 Credits” worth. You cannot sell these “0 Credits” and so your Loadout-page gets stuck. I hope they fixed that…

Every 5 levels after 40 i think. You get the commander pack take a screenshot of it. I cant get anymore but i know it said “Guaranteed Skin and a chance at a taunt.”