Did not receive early adopter pack

I pre-ordered via digital on PSN yesterday and filled out the survey… Nothing on Shift. I have my PSN account linked to my shift

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You get the pack by playing during the first 14 days after BL3 launch.

The FAQ on this page:

– mentions that it may take 24 hours for points to show up for completing activities and - if not - to contact 2K support (link in FAQ).


Oh, ok. Thank you. I got the points and check mark for filling out the survey. I thought that it showed up under Shift rewards which is why I was confused.

It’s delivered through the SHIFT system when you sign in once BL3 is launched, but I don’t know if it will show up as a reward there ahead of time or not - that bit isn’t clear to me.

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I pre ordered the game yesterday and i took a few hours before the early adopter pack showed up on my profiles reward list. Just gotta be patient :slight_smile: