Did not receive points for referring friend

Not sure where I should even be asking this because I don’t see a proper category for Borderlands VIP issues for the site. A finger in the right direction or helpful tips would not go unappreciated.
Anyways, I have referred three ppl/friends to the borderlands 3 VIP club, and only have points for one. I did the first one and points were there immediately. A day later I did the other two (today) and made sure the process was duplicated with perfection via a walk-through on the phone with said friends. It’s been quite a bit of time since then, (not a full twenty-four hours) but no points. I have double checked the process and made sure they could log in as well. Alas, still no points. Any ideas on what I should do now?

Thank you in advance,
The Unremarkable Man

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Here’s a to to anyone who reads this post. Make sure to tell those you refer to the VIP, tell them don’t forget to follow through and see that they can successfully log into the site. If not, something went horribly wrong LoL.

Thanks anyways community

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