Did only 10 people buy the xbox version?

Hi whenever i check the browser i only ever see about 4-6 people playing online, one time there were like 10 at the most. Is handsome collection dead before it got out the door? TPS theres about 2 ppl online. BL2 on 360 the servers were packed but nowadays on xbox one theres barely anyone playing which is a shame because i haven’t played most of the dlc from 360.

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I thought plenty of people bought it on Xbox? The support section here has lots of posts.

Perhaps it’s like on the PS4 where the majority of dedicated players are having ‘closed’ games with friends only due to the horrible behaviour of some players (Haxors, Loot Ninjas, Boss Kickers, Mission Griefers and Dupers).

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I don’t think it helps (on PS4 anyway) that the default game made is set to “offline”, whereas on the PS3 it was set to “online friends only”.

Had the game on the 360 and that also defaulted to “online friends only” so I’m assuming that the XBone version defaults to “offline” like the PS4?

I think a lot of people are not playing it now till GEARBOX Fixes there game. Same for me too. just guessing here.


I’m playing regularly. I’m guessing you’re only seeing games at a particular moment. I’ve usually found at least one-two games going at most times of day in the US.

Lots of 72+ matches going on. I set up an open game yesterday and had multiple people sending me FR’s to join my match, enough to where I was kicking AFK people who were simply there to boost XP.

Yup, the game has been put on temporary hold until it’s fixed to a level worth playing. BL2 isn’t too bad but TPS is just terrible. I haven’t played either in a while now and keep checking here to see some update as to when it’ll be fixed. And sadly, there’s no actual ETA. I’ve only refunded one game (Halo MCC) but this might be number two. I’d rather just see it fixed but it’s taking way too long to get the game we should have got at launch.


It defaults on the XB1 to XBL Friends only so most folks probably are not even changing that. I looked yesterday and found a few games BUT NO ONE TALKS. WHAT IS THE POINT folks?! If you are gonna have an open lobby maybe have a mic…

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I think the problem is that the game is extremely broken! I can’t even get online via matchmaking in tps and in bl2 its hit or miss, so I gave up bothering until they fix it, and I think most others have too. Feels like its going down the pan a bit tbh, especially with the rather worrying closure of 2k Australia. Feels like it’ll never get fixed? Gearbox?!! Anybody there?? GEARBOOOOOOOOOX!!!


Well as a former xbox 360 player ( I am over ten + yrs on xbox console) , that switch to the ps4 version since well it is a better gaming console and the amount on the ps4, I have ran into that were former xbox 360 user , say yea , but i will and like many other that have converted, is That xbox live is way better then psn still.

On ps4 version see matches with 10-15 people around the 50’s all night and other 60’s+ same, but may just be former xbox 360 user just playing it. Since were unable to transfer characters. And many just do not feel like the cheat ways.

As for the prequel there no real farming or anything on it both consoles, xbox one and ps4, so I see that part. When you finish the story and one and done on it .

Also on 360 version was bigger then the ps3 and possible all the character transfers, people are level 72+ already and like mention is pre-sequel all was is story no real grinding for bosses or weps and gear. For the xbox one version or ps4 version.

I’d have to agree with this. There’s no way i’d leave my game open. And if you check the forum most people just want power levelling too. Plus when your in UVHM, you just don’t want randoms joining any old level, and I really don’t trust most randoms after past experiences, and this game is too open to hacking and modders. Friends Only.

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Has anybody played Advanced Warfare?
The game so broken that the devs can’t actually fix any problems.
They just pump it full of DLC instead.

Now look at the next-gen BLs.
Gearbox actually bother fixing stuff. Just wait and will happen.

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Interesing standard to go by. We should expect $60 new gen console video games to be released with these many bugs and be thankful that the game maker is fixing them (or saying they are since we’re all still waiting on an actual ETA)? I’m sorry. That’s nonsensical to me. Gearbox and 2K royally screwed up with this release. They should own up to it through a public apology, gathering however many resources they opted not to hire before release, and get their act together.

I never said we should expect games to come with bugs.

What I’m saying is, that Gearbox actually listens to the community rather than saying “well, the game’s broken, what shall we do?”
“Pump it full of DLC and hope that people buy it and forget about the problems or think the DLC will fix the problems!”
“You’re hired!”

what you all mean tps is broken? how exactly? works just fine for me apart from i cant upload a save even though the save is on my hard drive, in game tells me theres no lvl 50 char. doesnt stop me playing game though

TPS is VERY broken. Do you know what screen tearing is? Do you know what FPS DROP IS? if you say yes i do then you dont. Play the game and just watch that screen tear haha.

I’ve noticed a little bit of screen tear but maybe it isn’t happening as much on my system. Not game breaking. Also, @sc34sc TPS has plenty of stuff to farm. They patched that.

However, I do think there is an issue in TPS with open lobbies not being visible and friends having trouble joining my game not matter if I have it set to public, or friends only. The only way I get people in is via direct invite.

And vertical splitscreen for 2 players doesn’t do aim down scope properly for sniper rifles, lasers and perhaps some others. When you zoom and shoot, you’ll see the bullet hit to the right of your aim. It’s very consistently off.

These two issues are pretty annoying to me and I have faith that they’ll fix it. However, in the mean time it really messes with two of my favorite ways of playing it. Online or splitscreen. And even in solo I like to splitscreen in a holojack. Believe it or not, I have a level 69 jack on my main profile and a level 60 jack on my splitscreen profile.

Game is patched. See if the patch helps this issue.

I play on xbox1 looking for people to play on xbox1 for 2 n tps with mic

I think its dead on xbox cause theres a better game that came out before it only for xbox and PC State of Decay YOSE edition

I think its dead, coz it still doesn’t work! Honestly gearbox? Terrible. In any other product market there would be a recall. I’m talking about online coop btw. If youre lucky enough to find someone playing BL2 these days, there seems to be a 5% chance that it’ll let you join. BL2 still tells me that I can’t play beyond l72, even though all my chars are op8. Ive never been able to join any matchmaking games in TPS, ever. Even post patch! This game should not have been released in March. It just wasn’t ready. Who the f**k tested the game? Stevie Wonder?!