Did Oscar mike kill Montana's cats?

We’ve all know Oscar mike and Montana are the bestest of friends to the point they’ll have varesi killing competitions. But it shows that Montana had pet cats, this is a quote of Montana after reviveing, “the afterlife was awesome! all my kitties were there.”

But what happen to those kitties?
Well I have a thought that maybe that Oscar mike killed them (on accident of course). This thought happened with a part of a conversation in the DLC (Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion)

Aria: would fighting for your lives be a suitable catharsis?

Oscar mike: cat harness? No I just let them walk around, all eight of them!

This should mean that Montana occasionally let’s Oscar mike take care of his cats. So he probably took the cats on a walk without a harness like he usually does. And they somehow died, I can’t tell either they died regularly (eaten, touch something dangerous, etc) without him seeing or it being a varesi attack.


“Hey kitties, did I mention I love space lasers? Let’s watch this airstrike together, just like real bros!”


That would be a good ult quote

“Hey that reminds me of that one time… (starts sobbing) KITTIES!”

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I’ve heard that line, but I’ve always imagined that it’s possible Montana killed them (accidentally of course) himself as a child, through not knowing his own strength.

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While this theorizing is fun, couldn’t they just have passed away?



For when you get an Octokill…

And your best friend calls you asking if the cats are okay

I doubt anything in the battleborn universe can just pass away

I had a thought that maybe the cats could be Aplian cats that could be large fluff balls that could push tables off the house

Well, there’s no mention of it in his lore, so anything is possible I guess




Dogs go to heaven, not cats. The afterlife could be awesome because his kitties were still with him (imaginary, of course), not because they died and he met them again.

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Wow, you really like raining on parades, don’t you? (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Deconfirmed folks go home lol

So a real “Which way did he go George” of mice and men moment?..


Dang, yeah, I guess it is. Did not see that coming.

Eh, I don’t know, I don’t find it funny making up who could’ve killed cats, especially when there’s no sign it ever happened. If they both were talking about, I don’t know, pet crocodiles, we might assume they are talking about the same pets, and if they aren’t alive anymore then something nasty happened to them - crocodiles live longer than human. But these are just cats, one of the most popular pets in the world…

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All this time I thought Montana was saying “kiddies”, as in his kids.

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I always guessed that Montana had alot of cats which he had to leave behind when Alpia 4 fell into Varelsi hands.
Probably he told Oscar everything about his cute cats and how great cats are, so Oscar wanted cats too.

Benedict, Gal and Reyna are highly allergic and NOVA complains all day about scratches on the inner hull.


I assume he accidentally crushed them or pet them too hard…cause i mean the guy is a gentle giant but he doesn’t really know his own strength.

I certainly didn’t kill 'em.


It ain’t weird that I revived a seven month old necro thread just to say that is it?