Did something got changed today?

Hello hello, I would cut my hand off that yesterday, with my normal moze lvl 65 my flakker had magazine of 21. I just got in the game to see a magazine size of 1!? What the actual f@ck happened os this some sort of bug? Anyone else had this?

Nevermind. It fires so slow anyway that you need aproximately 2.12 seconds to fire again, while the reload time is 2.1 so nevermind, it’s actually the same, just more anoying. Why did this happen? If this is a feature, it’s pretty useless, since literally nothing changed in the speed of the gun. Only way I can imagine this being on purpose is if the devs want to piss off the flakker mains, so we’ll use more of their guns. Well guess what I’m still gonna main it so joke’s on them. Insert “joke’s on you I’m into that ■■■■” right here.

Quit to main menu for hotfix.


Really? Well I’ll try it next time I get in the game, but thanks for the tip! Provided it works and gives me back my whole magazine.

Ehhm, it doesn’t work. I opened the game today and had 21 bullets in the magazine, then closed the game and got inside again and now I;m back to 1 bullet. This has to be some kind of bug at this point.

Hotfixes need to be loaded everytime you launch the game.

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For clarification, the hotfix reduces the mag to 1.

This was an early game nerf as the original mag size was bigger than 1.

There was a hotfix with dmg buff for Flakker, and it included hidden buff to mag iirc.
Not in the game now, so can’t verify.

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So, sounds like (as with the bloody harvest anoints) something has gone wrong with the hotfixes again and it no longer does what it’s supposed to.
Why they still haven’t included all these changes in any of the permanent patches we’ve had, which would prevent such problems, who knows?

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It’s okay, I closed the game completely and restarted it and it got fixed.

Just remember that, if you button mash through the main menu too quickly, you will be in the game before the hotfix can be loaded/applied. There are cues in the main menu to let you know when the process is complete.