Did the Bitch(SMG) lose it's attitude?

Is it just me, or does the Bitch feel really underpowered? I understand it has a lower base damage to compensate for its higher crit modifier, but it just seems too drastic.

I feel a buff to a classic is in order here. This is one of very few weapons that has made it here from BL1. It has always been a very solid performer across the franchise and a staple of Hyperion SMG’s.

But in BL3 it just doesn’t keep up with weapons like the Redistributer, XZ-41, and Oldridian. I would love to see either the crit modifier increased by a substantial margin, or base damage increased, or even both.

At level 57, a Bitch will have ~425 damage per shot and a 65-82% crit bonus. A Redistributer will be 700-800 and 11-21% crit, PLUS chained amp shots that crit consistently.

I know there are a lot of weapons that underperform on M4, but I wish the OG legendary items were at least viable.


Yes it’s completely underpowered. No point in even using it with all the other superior SMGs to use.

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