Did the Eridian Vault Symbol save Jack?

Jack is looking right at the Vault Symbol thingie when Lilith flame punches him.

Maybe it fused with Jack in order to protect itself (or Jack, the person who “activated”) from destruction by Lil’s Siren strike?

If the Destroyer’s Eye is a weapon, maybe the Vault Symbol thing is a protective device?

Or maybe punching a chunk of rock slows down a fist? Ya know, physics?


If Siren powers are a given, its also a given that the laws of physics don’t really apply to Siren powers.

Except that is not her phasewalk. Its a punch. A punch is done by your muscle and skeletal systems, only this punch is infused with fire. And when your muscles hit a rock, the impact causes the momentum to be lowered causing the fist to slow down, regardless of the fire infused in her fist.

Seriously, your thinking about this punch way too hard. It was some weak writing, nothing else.


Also, it’s not a rock…some sort of metal or possibly organic material.

And she clearly is leaving Phasewalk when she all of a sudden appears in the room, and one of her Phasewalk skills is to impart elemental damage when exiting phasewalk by using a melee attack.

Although, i suppose the mysterious Guardian that allowed her to follow the VH’s completely undetected could have snuck her into the Vault.

I want to know more about that Vault Symbol thing!

That’s also not right. She says “Hay’ya, handsome,” runs at him with no phasewalk, and punches him. And the elemental damage from phasewalk is from the nova she creates from the amount of energy entering a different dimension causes.

Looks more like it was very hot and branded his face when it was broken and interrupted.

I think Lillith’s punch just broke the “vault device”, while it was in the middle of “uploading” some info to Jack.

By breaking it, while it was “attached” to Jack, it released energy that branded/scarred Jack’s face.

IMO, Jack only got part of the info, so he never knew/knows all that Zarpedon knew (who I think got all the info, thus her purple eyes).

Jack only got part, and is making poor decisions based on that limited info.

So, I don’t think the “symbol” saved Jack … nor would it have. Even if it had completed, it either would have killed him (because he is ultimately “bad”), or turned him into another Lost Legion of some sort … like Zarpedon.

I am really surprised the “symbol” broke that easy … but I guess it had to for the story.

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She does say that.


Still, you cant apply Physics to a Siren, man.

Even if the punch was slowed down, the huge fireblast should have killed him.

And there was clearly still enough force in the punch to drive the Vault Piece clear into his face.

Which should have killed him.

So either the tech of the Vault piece saved him, or the Eridians did.

They needed Jack to turn Hyperion into a full on war machine.

And there is no such thing as thinking too hard, in my opinion.


Excellent reply, thank you!

Yes there is. I had a co-worker thinking that my dad was conspiring against her because she was working slightly less than everyone else that month. You can over-think things.

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True enough.

But this is just speculating about a video game, which i thoroughly enjoy.

The difference between Jack and Zarpedon is that Zarpedon is good, maybe the Vault symbol just enforced her will to safe the universe, while it enforced jacks will to rule said universe. If the Vault symbol could detect that some one is evil why did it start the upload?

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Yeah, the Vorago Solitude ECHOs really do seem to confirm the Vault Piece is some sort of “knowledge of the future” device, rather than a weapon or a shield.

Maybe it takes the true nature of a person and takes it to an extreme?

I think @rcole_sooner summed it up best, though.

Yeah, I shot from the hip on that.

There is another big problem with my theory, and that is if Zarpedon used the vault thing and that is what triggered the war then why did Zarpedon not trigger the war before Jack got there?

So I don’t think I have it nearly correct.

Something did happen to trigger the upcoming war. Was it Jack touching that vault thing, or something that happened later as a result of the knowledge he gained?

If it was touching the vault item, then Zarpedon had to have gotten her knowledge and purple eyes from something else.

That or maybe Lilith breaking the vault thing triggered the war. Maybe that was the worry … that that vault thing would be destroyed or removed from the vault.

And Jack was just an accident waiting to happen.

Remember, the Vault Key Jack uses to summon the Warrior was activated 195 years too early.

My theory is the Eridians have an ancient enemy who will be arriving sometime in the future, and they need to be ready.

Maybe they were going to come when the Vault Key got charged and used in 200 years.

And now they have to be ready much, much earlier?

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How come one vault had a giant destroyer monster, one had a giant warrior kraggon looking monster and the moon vault just had a crappy rock that played video clips.

Or was it the Sentinel? But I thought the Sentinel was just an Eridian guarding the vault rock thing.

What would be more powerful the codes for nuclear missiles or a rocket launcher? Don’t underestimate the power of information.

yeah but video games so she punched him in the face he got scarred GG