Did the latest patch up the fuel drain on sabot rounds?

It seems like it. Discuss.

It definitely did, just tested. They drain very fast now. Don’t know if bug or intentional but that takes away a major benefit of sabot rounds especially for builds that actively use IB. The meta builds right now don’t even reach that far down into SoR so definitely an odd choice if intended - but if the low drain was a bug then that’s unfortunate.

Did this just start happening after last hotfix? Confirmed.
*I tested a bit more and definitely seems like a single sabot round uses half the fuel of the standard railgun shot. So my guess is that it was bugged before and now adjusted, maybe.

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Trying exploding bullets for a while lol

Exploding bullets still work, they’re just not as good against armored bosses.

Oh, I know. Omg just really sad, we all know I was the biggest Mouthpiece for Sabot rounds :sob:

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They need to buff the damage of all rail gun modes tbh since the fire rate is just so low

I tried desperately to make an all Explosive Rounds version of your Bear build that could survive the True Takedown. Alas, no luck. Made it to Wotan without too much trouble, but its just not the same without the sabot…

Yeaah. Unless this is a mistake and it reverts, Bear Bear is gonna need a revisit.

Moze nerfs in 2020 :pensive:

Not a nerf. It’s either a bug fix, or a mistake.

Ah yea I was just joking around. My bet is on bug fix, hoping noelle will respond to me soon.

The fuel drain and fire rate on all of those railgun augments could stand to be a bit lower tbh.