Did the Lob get buffed even more?

The best Protuberance shotguns have much higher damage due to a 620% damage buff in the parts. Has the Lob always had this too?

I saw Moxsy testing one with only 887 damage, but I just had one drop with 8799. Not only with 620% extra on the magazine, but +149% on the card as well. Has this always been the case, just with a lower base damage and a single magical orb per shot? This also has a 55% chance of 8315 shock dot.

The lob received 2 hotfixes. The first was with all the other stuff. The second was a few hours later that multiplied the lob damage by 9.

Moxsy’s footage was from before the second hotfix.

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Very cool. I may have to test this out, it’s an easy gun to refill a Transformer shield with, and potentially has a good sized magazine as well.

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Nice… I’ve been using it on softer mobs because I love the firing mechanic, but it’s really tricky for me to be able to get it to wreck things. This’ll definitely help!


Hello there sunshine. I tried the Lob before this one (and still unimpressed. Very convenient from moxsy to try the Lob with a spiritual driver Amara and consecutive hits anointment w/o even showing the map modifiers) so you are telling me that now it makes even more damage? :star_struck:

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In short, yes. Though it only applied to the 4 round magazine - and had an overall card penalty of -71% weapon damage (the damage difference was relatively unchanged due to it)

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I did a Blast Master 1hp build, shock Lob like pictured above, with a Transformer. One trigger pull at your feet filled a 60k shield. I was 1-shotting most mobs on M4. Has very good splash radius on it. I’m pretty impressed, and with 27 mag after bonuses I never reload.


You are giving me hope and joy. Time to farm a lob!

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If you go look in the Top Gear for Moze topic a couple of us have posted videos. It’s pretty ridiculously strong now.


It´s actually funny how much GB buffed the Lob. From sh1t-tier to top-tier.


The second buff is so large it almost beggars belief. Its almost like Gearbox made a mistake or something, because as it stands its probably among the top 3 strongest shotguns in the game - and the top 2 are largely riding on unintended mechanics for strength. Probably gonna get some backlash for this, but I think GB really overdid it by abit - giving it the same damage as a Protuberance would have been way more than enough, given its ease of use, special effect and ammo consumption. It needs some balancing factor to justify how strong it is.

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I don’t know what you tested this on but I did some testing with a full DM set up on moze and on my zane. It still pretty bad on mayhem 4 compared to almost every other usable shotgun on mayhem 4 ( Ex: Protuberance, elderblast, stagecoach, conference call, host and brain stormer)

Most people I’ve seen use it agree, that it’s still nothing worth using.

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Moze using a shock one melting armor bars like nothing


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Lob is still mediocre because of the way it applies it’s damage. There are plenty of weapons to melt shields that are far more efficient.

I one shot Traunt with a non-anointed one. I one shot triple bar badasses and cleared Slaughter Shaft in easy mode with a cryo and with a shock one. I just got done with the raid on fl4k and my cryo Lob lifesteal anoint using shock ase on nade and corrosive ase on shield 1 shot each Wotan phase and also each Valk phase. Oh and it 1 shot Kraken too.

Like what do you even mean its not strong??? It literally disintegrates normal mobs in Athenas it’s actually ridiculous. It’s one of the top damage items in the game atm.


Did you test it before or after 9pm EST last night? Because that’s gonna be a world of difference.

sorry guy. Did they fix the dmg of the Lob just now? I found the lob return the old ver. when i restart my game just now.

Did it burst fire?

not for me just now after i restart my game.

Hotfixes didn’t apply then.