Did the Mayhem Modifier Slayer change with TTB?

Pre Guardians Takedown Patch, I was able to use a fish grenade to explode enemies caught in Ties That Bind, pretty much destroying anything linked.

But now, the damage doesn’t seem to transfer to the linked targets. My main target still dies to slayer, with the grenade, but nothing else seem to take damage.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Maybe the fish grenade doesn’t work or maybe it never worked, but I thought it was. But even the face puncher doesn’t seem to delivering that Slayer damage through TTB.

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It is also happening to me . Slayer is no longer working with TTB.

I tested it one hour before the patch was live and it was working properly

Enemies affected by slayer no longer grant a Second wind as well.

I reported it as a bug at https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003831093-Borderlands-3

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Thanks I was wondering. I had some video footage of it as well. I’ll submit my own ticket too, once I get the vids over to YT, since they always ask. Glad to see it’s not just me.

Just tested this and can confirm. A Slayer melee attack doesn’t deal millions of damage anymore, it deals regular damage now (shared through TTB) and the enemy is killed by some other mechanic. I’m sure this is intentional, I mean they reprogrammed it in a way that it still kills the enemy without dealing more damage.

I always believed that how it worked previously was unintended because honestly it was a pretty brutal exploit.

However I can also confirm that Slayer killing an enemy doesn’t give you a second wind anymore. I believe what happens is that the code checks if an eligible target is struck by melee and just sets the enemy to “killed” after the act, and this doesn’t count as a player attack – hence no second wind. This actually looks like an unintended side effect to me.

edit: also just tested the interaction with overkill, and it’s as I expected. If the enemy has so little health that the regular melee damage kills them, you get overkill damage on your next shot because it’s your attack that kills them. If they had more health and Slayer kills it, you don’t get Overkill because something else in the code killed the enemy which doesn’t count as a player attack, just like with second winds.

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The loss of the TTB interaction is disappointing, but understandable. I do hope they fix the second wind aspect though. I probably utilize Slayer for that more than TTB anyway, so it would be nice to have it again.

Another side effect to this change is that the bug that occurred while shattering an anointed enemy affected by radiation is back, and will apply a very strong radiation dot on you if you kill an irradiated enemy with slayer.

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Yeah, that happened to me. Punched the last guy, died from the explosion. It least it wasn’t on a takedown…no wait it was.