Did the nerf the Bunker drops/loot?

I just realized that the cap went up to 80 and I’m taking my Axton 72 up. I farmed the absoltute dogsh#t out of the Bunker and didn’t get ONE leggie. I went up 2 levels. Nothing.

It happens. Bunker has always been stingy for me. IIRC the epic heads count as designated drops too, so you do have a somewhat diluted pool.

I agree, the Bunker isn’t a great legendary farm. B*tches are few and far between, you’re more likely to get a Sham and that’s not very often.

Bunker is good for XP, eridium, and picking up lots of purples and blues for cash. Kinda like a slightly easier Tinder Snowflake, with less running to the fight.

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I’ll go a step further and suggest that if the question is "Did GBX nerf {item or loot source} in {game < BL3}? the answer at this point will always be a definite “No”.

While I’ve been tempted to say the same thing, I can just imagine a college intern showing up at GB and them letting him/her play with BL2 hot fixes as “training”.

You’ve been in software development way too long! At least it wasn’t the 1st year programming students from Vault-Tec University let loose on critical systems as part of their course evaluation (yes, that’s actually a thing in FO76)