Did the new hot fix help?

I haven’t really got to play much the last couple of days(sadly) and I was just wondering if the new rematch feature helped at all. I was hoping it would cut down a little bit of time since you wouldn’t have to wait to find teammates anymore if playing solo

In order for rematch to work you need to have completed a match in the first place. The hard part is finding one, so rematch does nothing.

Well I’m on ps4 n that’s never really been an issue…maybe 5 min wait time at the most. So I was just trying to figure out if people liked the new feature. The way I worded it wasn’t very good though

I’m on PS4. Been waiting 30mins so far for meltdown. Record 1hr 10mins.

Jesus. Where do you live? Oz?

I’m on the PS4 and used to matchmaking typically taking 2-5 minutes.

Last night things seemed to actually be worse. Whilst matchmaking my team was fine (and quicker when rematching), finding the opposing team sometimes took longer, extending the whole matchmaking to 10 minutes or so at times.

Matchmaking was crazy fast for me last night. Ps4. But a high number of disconnects during character select

I think it made a greater variance. The wait times on PS4 were extremely short to extremely long for Incursion.

Also like someone else said there were a lot more disconnects. I assume because the match would start but people did not intend to play another match so soon.

Had 2, 5 V 2 matches in a 5 game spam I think.

New feature would be good if it had a question at the end. Something like “Play with the same time?” or “Rematch?”. But yes, it seems better than before.

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This was probably the best they could do with just a quick fix without a big patch

I have not notice much difference on Xbox, it’s actually hard to tell, you have to look up in the top right corner to see the queue. I don’t think most people realize that it’s happening. Or if you lost the match, people will just quit to maybe find a “better” team.

I enjoyed the rematch feature last night. If anything it was a bit surprising as I wasn’t even done looking at the stats page and we were already in a new match. It also helps if you get teamed with some good players, you know you’ve already got some good buddies there to help you for the next round. If they’re not so great, leave the party and re-queue.

I dont really like it. Queue times were about the same. I also kept getting stuck with the same players, even when leaving queue and rejoining. Its weird it just sticks you into matchmaking without asking or anything.

With the new rematch, I had a blast last night, on Meltdown, staying late a few hours too many. There was a premade group of 3, me, and one other player. Nothing stellar but communication was great. So was the gameplay. It was great to be able to overcome opponents who knew how to maneuver and how to rotate around their healer, a very mobile Miko. In another game, the opponents tried to push us hard and camp close to our spawn point. With random groups, that usually meant constant deaths of the team until the surrender option becomes available. Here, we pushed back and eventually won,

I kept going with the automatic rematch until the host disconnected and I realized it was way past time to call it a night.

Yeah, the nice thing was my son and I got in with another duo and a single. We worked really well together and everyone was nice. We ended up doing a second match (which we had to fight much harder on to get a win) with the same five and it was rather cool.