Did the patch make any changes?

DLC 5 had a patch drop alongside it, and I’m curious if there were any changes with it, or if it was just under-the-hood stuff to get the DLC to work. Anyone have any idea?

I don’t see anything new listed on their page about it, which says, “We are continuing to work on additional fixes for known issues and will update this page accordingly when we have more information.”, but the last update was still from 2016. I do think they’d update this page if anything in the DLC update addressed known issues/bugs.

I just want auto pickup for eridium, seraph crystals, and torgue tokens and more importantly skip cutscenes!

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I suspect it was the FT menu reorganization and - as you said - “under-the-hood stuff to get the DLC to work”. The new heads and skins would need to appear in the menus, and then there’s the change to the max level and OP range. Also, the code needed to make it possible for someone with DLC5 skins and weapons to play in a game with someone who doesn’t have the DLC.

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Presumably (and hopefully) they would’ve rolled in the remaining hotfixes that got loaded at game start. I suppose a way to test this is disconnect from the internet, start a game, and see if Zer0’s death mark bonus is 80% instead of 20% in the skill tree. (Going by the timestamps of the patch notes page, that fix should be one of the post-October 2015 hotfixes that got loaded at start.)

Edit: yeah I did just that just now. It was 80%. So it would appear that yes, the remaining hotfixes are hardcoded in now.


Thanks for checking that! So, out-standing hotfixes rolled in - excellent!