Did the performance got worse with this patch?

I just downloaded the new patch, and it seems the game is struggling even more to run for me, or at least the patch didn’t do nothing that improved the performance on my end.

Is anyone experiencing any improvement at all with this new patch? Because I’m not seeing any :confused:

I’ve seen comments that ADS is much improved on PC (which was one of the items listed in the patch notes). Beyond that, it probably depends on your platform. There weren’t as many performance improvements in this patch overall as I suspect many wanted to see, but there should be more on the way.

I did saw they’re working to optimize it further with future patches, but it feels like this patch made the game struggle a bit more to run than usual for me.

I guess all I can do is wait for these other patches, then… :disappointed:

The patch causes my ps4 to crash everytime i try to boot the game up

All good on PC