Did the slag licked glitch mess up my ability to prestige?

I’m trying to prestige in borderlands 2 I currently have about 500 points to prestige I know you only need 480 but it still isn’t giving me the option to do so. Has this happened to anyone I’m playing on ps4 if that has anything to do with it.

are you counting area challenges or not? Because they don’t count.

As @Derch pointed out, area-specific challenges don’t count - it’s all about which challenges have been completed. Here’s a handy guide to check against:

No I’m only counting the ones that do count enemies down to miscellaneous.

OK, so what’s you’re count on Slag Licked? Even without that, you should still be able to prestige. Note the bit about needing 485 eligible challenges completed though - if you’re at 480, you’re missing more than just the one!

Right now I’m at negative 1 billion I believe and it just keeps on reseting while playing at op8.

OK but what about the others? Is there anything else on the list you can get instead?

There should be I’ll check when I get out from work but I could have sworn last time I counted I had like 490.