Did the SNTNL Cryo anointment get a buff, or is this a glitch?

Just got this from Agoniser 9000. I’m fairly certain it was 50% before.

Today’s hot fix buffed it to 100%.


No kidding, the upgrade is insane. Just from that small buff my mobbing Zane can actually go after bosses almost as efficient as my boss killer build.

I’ve been using him for bosses fairly well. Moved from farming gw to agoniser 9000 recently. Trying to get a good anointed emp5

Little? It’s effectively a 1.25 multiplier on damage (if we disregard damage bonusses/penalties)

They could have done 300% like Amaras, so yeah 50%–>100% is small in that aspect which I am comparing it to. I am in no way arguing it. That is why I said first that the “upgrade was insane”.

amara can not spam it while zane can have insane up time on bonus cryo both with ccc setups or juse seein dead +fitting gun like calls or recursions or dictators redistributors it is just insanely strong

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She can spam it easily enough. Always see them constantly fakegrasp. We just don’t have to worry about trivial things, just keeping A/S up.

It has now replaced most ASE needs since dmg is on par now and lasts technically as long as you want. (unless you want other than cryo dmg)

pahsegrasp does not have 250 and 300 annointments it is pahsecast or pahseslam which have long cool downs

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gotcha, guess they just doin ASE

(I will never start an Amara, just have Zane/Fl4k, Moze is next)

Amara is fun, she’s worth a try.

Also with topped off and Phasezerker or a Golden Rule com Amara can have 300% or 250% damage from Phaseslam or Phasecast pretty easily.

For Zane you need specific skill choices and seein dead to have near 100% uptime on an anointment that gives 100% extra damage.

Cooldown isn’t that long, I had an annointed Shreddifier that was getting plus 250% after Phasecast and my damage was there constantly because Amara has a skill that allows you to use her action skill again while it’s still in Cooldown.

Zane’s plus 130 after swapping with Clone needs a boost to 10 seconds after swapping. That duration is far too short.

Agree on this one.