Did the whole World drops just got nerfed to Hell?

the only negative I do potentially see is in Arm’s Race all drops are world drops and getting that gear was hard enough to begin with. If the nerf applied to that as well it will make it near impossible to actually get the gear (though I did one run earlier and and got a few from chests and drops).


I’m glad they nerfed the drop rates

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For some people the fun in the game is getting a good drop on an unexpected weapon. It helps expand your horizons instead of sticking with only guns that are commonly used. You may try a gun you wouldn’t have otherwise sought. Or gotten a relic/com that improves another of your builds. Farming a boss over and over is not universally appealing. People that want to minimize that loop are now left with currency or vault card farmig which… Meh.


The only good thing about the high world drops were the chance of getting class mods and artifacts. No reroll to fix the RNG on those.


And sure you may see fewer Malaks Banes and Woodblockers, but what few world drops you do see still have the same chance to be them. So when you only get 3 world drops from the new raid and one is a Malaks bane, it will only piss you off more.


I did just complete a run through the creature slaughter on MH 11 (lvl 65) and only got 7 legendaries, none of which I cared for.

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So how low exactly are the drop rates? I haven’t been able to play yet but the change sounds like it should be a good thing to me. Unless they’re like BL2 levels of rare when world drop legendaries from chests and enemies were few and far between.

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I haven’t had the chance myself but I’ve been tuned into Twitch. Raid boss is 2-3 dedicated drops, 2-3 world drops. What I’ve heard about Slaughter Shaft is very much in-line with @Bigredtarheel said. True Maliwan Takedown was single digits in the one I saw. Nothing from Kraken, only dedicated drops from Valks. All legs broken and such.
This to me is an overcorrection.


Unreliable stats here; I did one run of the CoV slaughter house and got:
Round 1 - 1 legendary
Round 2 - 3 legendary
Round 3 - 5 legendary
Round 4 - 10 legendary
Round 5 - 10 legendary
I was also with one buddy. I should have asked him how much he got from it but forgot to.


i do think its another one of these mayhem 1.0 to 2.0
we do 1 step forward and 3 back

i think they need to walk it back A LITTLE with the droprates, the game is balanced around big drops no matter if annoint or not, it should go up a bit

or at least reduce the eridium cost for rerolls/ other stuff by 100 or so

I do like that the legendary drop rate was lowered. However, farming vending machines and chests is boring compared to actually fighting an enemy. Gearbox made a similar mistake in Borderlands The Presequel, where the best legendaries could be more effectively farmed from chests and vending machines than from actual combat. Keep the chests and vending machines occasionally giving legendaries, but this being a looter shooter, make farming through combat the best way to farm the best legendaries. Many average legendaries should be available via chests and vending machines including the new Black Market vending machine with a slight chance to get a great legendary. However, this being a looter shooter, the best % chance of getting a legendary should always come from combat.


It would be justified if all legendaries actually deserved the name and would be really, really good. Given the fact that many legendaries are barely as good as many epic items simply doesn’t justify their rarity. With all the pseudo legendaries dropping the percentage of actually good legendaries is minute. That is the actual problem.

I wouldn’t mind the current rarity if it was all god rolls and stuff you can’t just buy at Marcus’s.


its funny how some legendaries should be upgraded to pearl and some demoted to purple

personally they should commit to this weard thing in bl2 where there was 3 types of legendaries
light orange / yellow, orange, and that dark orange stuff like the norfleet had.
light for the special but meh stuff
orange for just normal ass legendaries
dark orange for the legendaries who are M+ or drop from special sources.

I did one CoV Slaughter aswell:

Round 1: 5
Round 2: 2
Round 3: 3

After that, i lost track because the game started to despawn legendaries as i got new ones(they were sent to lost loot machine), which is the first time i ever saw that happen to legendaries.

But, after 5 rounds, i ended up with a total of 19 on ground, 1 in my bags and atleast 5 in my lost loot that i’m 100% sure off are from my CoV run.

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Just want to add that I killed the last boss of DLC3 on Mayhem 10 and got zero legendaries. :frowning:

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My actual complaint about World Drops is that most of them are useless when playing at Mayhem 11. Apparently they’re still useless?

I like how it is. Tired of seeing legendarys as garbage trash every other second. Now i just leave everything on the floor and check when its. Orange… Lol

I got like a bajillion eridium from grave warden who take like a few seconds to kill on all difficulties if you get a good weapon.
Vs him.

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Imma be honest here. The loot drops surprised me, but I think they are trying to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Bank space. By allowing rerolls, you don’t have to keep 4-5 of the same weapon. The reroll mechanic, for me, means that I don’t have to stash multiples of a weapon that I may or may not use later. Now I keep the anoints I use most now with the knowledge I can always reroll them later.

  2. Legendaries didn’t feel special. What I mean is, once you hit M5 in the old system, there were so many legendaries on screen when you were doing slaughters for example, that it actually made me laugh. This will bring back that rare feeling and once you have the weapon you want, rerolling takes the sting out of getting a bad anoint.

Now where do I not like this? Well to me, BIG bosses should have big rewards. If you run the Varkid Raid boss at M10 and get 0 legendaries… wow. I’d say the same thing about the takedowns. Gearbox needs to make sure those bosses drop legendaries every time because they are a much large time investment and difficulty than Graveward or Killavolt.


I had a break from the game, came back last week. Finished story mode, starting farming bosses. Had a great time picking up Legendaries, trying new builds and weapons.

Until the update hit. I just farmed Captain Traunt and he gives 1 blue and tons of greens. Maybe a purple if you’re lucky. Farmed Graveward: he didn’t drop a single legendary, but also tons of greens. Other bosses ditto, sometimes a legendary drops.

I can understand they want to turn down the legendary drop rate, but this is insane. For someone who doesn’t have every legendary already, this is a big let down. It takes the fun out of the game completely.

Add to that the new DLC: a raid boss and daily challenges. I’m not paying 30 euro’s for that. Seems Gearbox just lost a customer.

I think I’ll go back on a break again. Disappointed.


it is nowhere as stingy as Bl2, but lot of people got used to legendaries being common, so GB is going to burn unless they rollback :joy: I am not going to argue just grab some popcorn