Did they add a new medal for story levels?

Beat the Renegade mission for the umpteenth time and instead of getting silver for the umpteenth and a half time, I got a medal with a purple crystal on it? I only ask because I’ve been gone for a minute with other games and haven’t played since Kid Ultra. I waited till Beatrix(who I love) to finally come back.

Diamond ranking. Gives you a legendary pack. Open it.

Ah ok. Dope. I certainly opened it.

Yes added a new tier I believe they call it diamond. Though I don’t think it really looks like one. Funny how I grinded renegade so many times and best I could do was 73k and silver. Now I played it the other day and ended with 72.5 but got gold. I think they lowered the requirement. Still need to get diamond though.

Right? I was like 68k with a group of 3 including myself. I was blown away I got it since it seemed impossible to get it before hand. lol

I played a solo que advanced heliophage as Mellka with 2 other people, and without trying got diamond rank. Lol. First time on heliophage advanced too.

The requirements for getting gold were adjusted based on average scores gathered in meta data since the release of the game. It’s now pretty reasonable to get gold on certain maps were it was once impossible.

Question is answered, topic closed :heart: