Did they bring back the old anoints?

I’m in Bounty of Blood and have picked up a while sliding, while airborne and 300x90. are they back?

You’re likely playing in offline mode or didn’t allow hotfixes to load.

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As online as I can be now that they require PS+ for even entering shift codes and hotfixes have loaded.

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Do you have all the patches installed? I thought some of those anoints were removed by patch. The 300/90 was changed by hotfix I think.

Version 1.26 last updated 9/9.

I got nothin’ then LOL. I didn’t think you could get those anoints any more unless you were in offline mode. Although admittedly I thought the useless Cartel anoints had been removed via patch and the 300/90 was removed by hotfix. But what do I know :man_shrugging:t2:

Looks to have been a hiccup since it reset.

You’ve played without hotfix. Just wait in main menu few seconds before you click continue for first time after launching the game.

Seems like my system has found a fix to prevent me accidentally skipping the hotfix - it now takes so long to load once you’ve successfully signed in, the hotfix applies before that menu appears on the screen! My OG XB1 may be old, but it’s slow.