Did they change how rejoining functions? Not possible anymore?

I just lost connection (problem on my end) just before the Sentinel and for some reason it won’t let me rejoin my “match”. What’s even more weird is that I got some lootpacks/items that I earned till that moment.

That is not how I remember it working at all. Wasn’t it so that before, you had to completely finish a mission for anything to count and if you lost connection you could choose a different mode and it would ask you if you would like to rejoin your still active match/mission?

Was there anyone else in the match? Rejoining was only ever possible for matches that were still running. EG if it is just you, the match dies when you leave, willingly or not. This sounds the most likely based on you receiving the items.

If it was co-op and the other party was still in the game when you got booted, it would prompt to rejoin when you try to queue.

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Thanks for the answer. Yes It was just me but I could have sworn it was also possible to do it in singleplayer before, atleast I never recount keeping faction packs or even challenge progress when the connection was lost… but the last time I regularly played was 2 years ago so…