Did they increase the gear lvl with the character lvl cap?!

Did they increase the gear lvl with the character lvl cap?! If so…that means that all of my lvl 50 gear is now useless?! If that’s true…I can’t believe that…I spent hundreds of hours farming that gear…my entire bank is full of that gear…how on earth could that be a positive improvement to the game!!? What is the point?! I might as well wait until they reach max lvl and come back to the game and farm then…I don’t believe this…it can’t be true.

It’s not useless lvl 50 gear still works just fine against lvl 53 enemies. Drop rates are better then before as well. Just today I finally went through my mules because I hit 300 lvl 53 items in my bank and needed to clean house. I dropped probably 1000 lvl 50 items on the ground today :slight_smile: No bother to me. I’m still using lvl 50 stuff in a lot of cased but it was a good excuse to dump off a bunch of stuff I wasn’t using as much.


“it can’t be true” err… if you ever played bl2, then this shouldn’t be a surprise to you.


Oh man…you know I spent 100’s of hours filling my bank with the best gear…I was about to have a heart attack

Bl1 and bl2 had weapons that could be 10 levels below character that were more powerful then highest lvl gear…Bl3 does not…

I’m one of those players who oppose the level cap raise without an accompanying gear upgrade option.

However I disagree on some of your opinions. There are level 50 gear that are still strong against level 53 enemies. I reached level 53 on Slaughter Shaft M4 with my lvl 50 gear (as an example).

If your level 50 gear can easily beat Mayhem 4 prior to the update, your current gear will still be strong. Consequently if your level 50 gear sucks even prior to the update, you will struggle badly after the update. In this regard it has nothing to do with the update.

Also even prior to the update there is a LOT of level 50 gear that are trash and useless in Mayhem 4. For example AutoAime, Woodblocker, Spinball (whatever) etc. Sure some people might find one off use of these but the general opinion is there’s really only a handful of gear that are really useful. It’s true befote the level cap raise and will still be true after the level cap because GB didn’t change anything significant in the gear. Oh yeah they did nerf the Ion Cannon.

If you’d played a lot of Proving Grounds, Shaft during the Broken Hearts, you’d acquire a lot of lvl 53 legendaries already. Two of my mules are already at 60% of their bank capacity. But again we are back at the same problem. Most of these I will never use and still useless even if I use them.

I agree though. The level cap raise didn’t bring notable and significant positive improvements. The 3 extra levels should add build variety to the game but no one has shown to me that it did add build variety. For example most Zane players are still running with a variant of Chain Zane build with redistributor and Seein Dead.

Edit: I guess “most players” is a bad generalization but you get the idea

In Previous Borderlands the level cap was around lvl 80 at the end of all dlc contents… It’s better wait to farm like crazy
I just play, and what i get i get, but I don’t farm now

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You cant refarm easily either.

Gearbox has made the game farming for annointments instead of legendaries and they havent adjusted the drop rates to reflect the huge amount of useless annointments.

The game is balanced around the best annointments as well.

So 6 months in and you cant even go for the guns you want.

I cant believe they still dont get it.

Ahh you must never have played BL2 or BL1 then. Because level caps increases are always a thing and this isn’t destiny so they will never introduce an upgrade system because that removes the point of grinding. Get used to it bucko because after the next increase you will probably have to ditch all that gear and get new stuff… WELCOME TO THE TRUE NATURE OF THE BORDERLANDS!


The drop rates are fine and the game is not balanced around M4 as that is the optional hard mode and nothing more. If you want to get godlike annoints to make your life easier on M4 cool, but you can get by well enough without them in all the content the game has to offer. And FYI if they made drop rates even higher then they already are legendaries would be even less special. I recall in BL2 or BL1 that any gold drop got me hyped because it was actually a rare occasion. Meanwhile im BL3 I had to make mules for the first time due to OP drop rates so excuse me while I dismiss your claim of bad drop rates…

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Yes, about 30 runs to farm an unkept harold… Good times

Yes, you can obtain higher level gear now but you have to refarm it. All of it.

I love how these people chime in “ahh, you must have never play the Borderlands, this is how it always is”.

No. No this is not how it always was. Previously the level cap increases were done in larger 10 level increments, not measly little 3 levels.

Btw, you’ll notice that 3 skill points still leaves us 1 point shy of hitting to capstone’s(not that capstone’s are that great).

Also, no new content to go with it.

I dunno, make if it what you will but to a lot of people, this just smacks if a pointless way to artificially inflate the lifespan of the game.

Go pick a legendary from a dedicated source, attempt to farm it with the annoint you want and then after a few weeks/months come back and tell me drop rates are good.

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