Did they just un-nerf Flakker?

When I first got the Flakker, it was a 1-shot magazine that still took 5 ammo out of reserves. I was reading up on the recent “nerf” to it, making it only a 1-shot mag. Now I’m using it today and it’s got 16 ammo in the mag. Did I glitch the game, or did they un-nerf it?

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hotfix did not apply to your game. hang in the main menu for a minute or two then load back in and check if it brings the ammo to 1.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried what you suggested and it “fixed” it. It was weird because it started off as 1 ammo mag, then went to 16, now back to 1. Weird stuff.
Thanks! (I should have farmed more while it was bugged!)

That sometimes happens to me when my connection drops even if just a second (which I usually don’t notice). However I don’t realize it until I see something noticably different, such as my Companion being the wrong rarity.