Did they make M mode modifiers optional yet?

Kinda want to get back into BL3 again but left when they broke out M2 and tacked on all those modifiers. Did they remove them or make them optional yet?

They introduced Mayhem 11, which is Mayhem 10 but with no modifiers. They also buffed a lot of weapons so Mayhem has little meaning.

That sounds kinda ok… still gotta slug through m1 to 10 to get gear to handle it though… hmmm.

Na, jump in at M11. Tip Moxxi for a Hail/Crit and then worry about the farming. Both of those has been heavily buffed. Also the Fabricator has an alternative firing mode for legendary weapons.

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Hrm. Maybe I will reinstall. Thank you for the info.

if you wanted to play ANY level of mayhem without any mayhem mods then only mayhem 10 got a mod free version
if you wanted to choose mods yourself then well
come back next game

Just load M10/11

Just farm vendors (earl’s and normal) or use the new mode on the fabricator (gun gun) if you have some eridium

And farm some easy bosses (gigamind for example is a total pushover)

Lots of ways to get legendaries without ever even shooting a single enemy

M2.0 took me an hour or so to get some decent weapons and that was before they made it even easier :joy:

Don’t know if it still works, but at the jakobs estate there is a weapon chest you can (quit/load) farm

Also, action skills do tons of damage now

I can easily see mayhem modifiers being heavily abused if they make them something you can entirely set at your will. One could go buddy drone, immunity drone and laser rotators, and get a lot of second wind opportunities in every situation just to make an example. M11 is a good compromise

For what it’s worth, the game won’t allow those two to roll together (the healing and immunity drones). Back in the pre-M11 days I would spend like 15 minutes at a time before giving up, trying to roll those two together, only to read much later on that Gearbox prevents it because of crashes/bugs/issues. :smiley:

Yeah but if they make the mayhem modifiers system in a way that for example, at m10 I can choose every single modifier, people could abuse the modifiers

Nah. If you have decent gear above, say, level 57 you’ll be fine.
My lvl 57 O.P.Q. System, for example, is more than powerful enough at Mayhem 11.

Yeah, if you jump right into 10/11, go to places like Promethea/Athenas–much easier to kill enemies and no anointed ones except in Lectra City. You can get things like the Kaoson off Traunt and then start farming harder areas.

I don’t think choosing modifiers could possibly lead to anything I’d describe as “abuse” lol

Mhhh won’t it be abuse to use buddy sistem and immunity drone together? They can’t come together as the devs intended, sooo there should be a kind of limitation for the player’s modifier choice?
Also, you could choose modifiers that benefit your build only, having no disadvantages which plays against the whole mayhem system logic ( you have buffs and debuffs everytime, image if you could choose the most optimal combo for your build, just buffs no penalty = the game gets steamrolled even more than it is right now)

in theory it should be simple to flag modifiers so that specific combinations can’t be picked together.

Moreover, with the current modifier system you can already run a set of mods with massive buffs and trivial penalties, and the only thing in your way is how long you can tolerate being in a menu mashing the reroll option.


I found this incredibly helpful for my insomnia, nearly miraculous. . .

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