Did they NERF Drops last night

I did Aurelia and the Eden 6 vault last night and didnt even get an EPiC wpn let alone a Legendary off either?

Up the point before yesterdays patches I was getting regular epic drops and Legendary drops . didn’t get a decent drop last night after about 5 hrs of game play all garbage green items with the odd rare item. Now trying to do Pain and Terror and Im getting hammered cause I dont have any decent damage wpns?


Gearbox everything will be forgiven, just bring these guns back.
And make them awesome like they were in borderlands 1

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Greetings: I sincerely hope this post is read by you the developers. I just finished my second play through with Amara and I am really, really disappointed and beyond that disgusted with your new loot system. It is simply inadequate.
There is now no incentive to replay the game at all. I am turning it off and will only watch reports on the game until you do improve it.
So fought Graveward the first real boss on normal in True Vault Hunter and the drops were white, greens and two blues outside. Inside the vault were whites , greens and one blue.
So onwards we go finding not even a purple weapon as we finish the game towards the end…fought Troy and got airlifted into space, had to restart the game to get it to work right, nope no loot, if there was any it vanished during my trip to space.
So onwards to the end and fought Tyreen, and outside the only Legendary drop was a Siren Call Skin…whites, greens and one blue. Inside the vault were whites greens and two blues. And that is all folks.
Why did you do this?? You have destroyed the game basically and any incentive to replay it or build another character. Sure I understand that I can put the game on Mayhem 3 and go farm stuff but what is the point?? The game is over and even if one does construct a new character the weapon level is 50, they cannot use them for a long time and once you can use them there is no point to it.
We should be able to gain legendary and or purple weapons at a decent drop rate as we play the game, having the game only drop whites and greens with a very, very rare purple once in awhile is not adequate at all.
Yes I did enjoy the game, however you have really put me off, and I have no desire to replay the game or go spend time farming on Mayhem 3 just because. I want to be able to play the ordinary game and get a few Legendary drops time to time and currently all that is dropping is whites and greens. And one or two blues on the defeat of a main boss is …well disgusting.
Please consider this carefully , have a discussion about it or something and return the game to a playable status.


Kit Carson


Sorry but this is only your impression. The most of the players dont like the hotfix. I hope the dev’s see some thread and make some movments in the right corner. thanks for reading.

it’s very frustrated, when i hunt gravewarden 30 times and get only 1 or 2 legendarys. And this legendarys are in the most situations skins i already have.

Now serious, the game was enouncted in May 2019. The release was in September 2019. Why Gearbox NEVER CHECK THE LOOT Situation in 4 Months? With this Hotfix you cut in your own flesh. Now the players/customers think (me too) we pay 50-100€ for loot white->purple stuff. It’s gross.

You took the Loot away from the players but the Bug with the Porcelan Pide Bomb stay in game and dont get a hot fix? Very Thanks you!!!


They had 4 Month’s time to Testing, Fixing etc…
Sorry i dont get it.

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So…understanding of the game goes a long way towards keeping frustration to a minimum. There are no instructions and we have to learn everything the hard way.
So I played two characters through both Play Through’s and I was really, really disgusted…Yep really disgusted at the loot drops. What I did not understand is that you have to, are required to and it is mandatory to enter Mayhem Modes to start to gain decent loot and weapons.
An exclamation mark inside a yellow circle induced me to reset the game after starting Mayhem Mode Two…still I thought I had messed up my game as although I had set it to Mayhem Two it was not…and only after I reached Sanctuary once again was I able to reset my game to Mayhem Two. This is never explained and like I said…had to learn the hard way.

So now currently I am an happy camper…I am having grand fun and a great time. On Mayhem Two the drops are just about perfect, not too many but enough to keep me interested. I have more Legendary weapons to play with than I know what to do with.

So I am happy…not going to delete the first post as hopefully this will elaborate to others on the situation and tone down the frustration a bit. You must endure two play through’s and reach level 50 and then and only then when you enter Mayhem mode does things change. It is a long boring road to Mayhem mode, and that should be better explained.



im getting less legendaries now on Mayhem mode 1 than I did on Normal mode and it supposedly increase drop chances by 100%. I dont get it there are bugs a plenty to fix but they change the RNG drop rates its not even Pv P based so why mess with it?

Legandary’s are mostly just gimmicky from what ive seen so far and sub par against some o f the EPIC wpns most are just sitting in my bank taking up space (which there isnt enough of for 4 toons btw)

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played a mission last night that took my son and i (online) through the dahl mine on mayhem 3 and we both had at least 1 legendary on every wave of enemies that we met.

couldnt believe that rng was so good and made me question whether boss killing was actually the best source of decent drops.


Agree 100%

Before the patch last week I had 37 legendaries in 2 days

Now zero in almost a week

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People complained before the hotfix, they complain after the hotfix, and they’ll complain through every future hotfix.

I’ve been farming bosses in Mayhem 3 and haven’t had an issue getting dozens of legendaries in an hour of farming. Sure, they don’t drop legendaries every time, but I’ve yet to go more than three rounds with a boss without them dropping a legendary.

That is great for Mayhem 2 and 3. I am almost done with a play through of TVHM And I have not had one legendary drop, not one. On my first normal play through I constantly had a legendary drop every main boss or two which kept me going and excited. Not now

Borderlands 2 you would be lucky to get one to drop through the entirety of the game

Calm down, they are doing what they always do and tweak the game over and over and over, loot will go back up again and all will be right in the world again.

or not

I understand the lower loot, so its not 7 legendaries per boss, but I killed Graveward for an hour, about once per minute, and I only got a couple legendaries. I feel like the drop chance was dropped from a 500% boost to only a 100% boost.

I also farmed Handsome jackie and katagawa ball(I killed handsome jackie, opened her chest, ran to katagawa ball, killed him, then opened the red chest) in mayhem 3 for 30 minutes, and I didnt get the gun from jackie. she did drop one legendary(a Bitch), and katagawa ball dropped 1 as well(a Kill-o-the-wisp).