Did they nerf Phoebe on accident?

Just played a match with her since the hotfix and holy eff. She dies so insanely fast from everything. Everyone on the enemy team with the exception of rath who was dealing 3x damage for no reason (it’d say he only did 400 damage to me in the thingie, but I’d still die from him)

But a caldarius can jsut shoot a TMP at me and I’m dead? Rath stood in my ult, then did his ult, and when he died he just continued to stand in my ult and brought up his helix… This guy was in the single digits for command rank.

Phoebe is a little squishy, but she still hits pretty hard and if specced right, can chase down most.

A little squishy? Caldarius just killed me with one clip of his R2 (standard attack) that’s not squishy that’s ■■■■■■■■.

Oh, well idk, I do tend to play cautiously early as Phoebe, but she’s never been that squishy for me.

You do have to really play her like an assassin though and selectively pick your fights early on. I recommend equipping a grey vest or battery to fix your squishiness early on.

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just played a match where 2 enemies dealt 1200 damage in total… through my 388 shield and my 1,500 health. I died at 1,200 damage and I have much more health and shield than that. Really don’t know what’s going on. I had a huge damage reduction build, shield and health building items on too. That’s as tanky as I could possibly make that character.

phoebe is one of the worst characters in the game. some people, myself included, do very well with her. but that is because most people have no clue how to play the game, and these are all pubs. do people realize that all she has is a slow field and basically her primary attack? i could seriously name about 15 characters that way outperform phoebe in basically every single way, other than escape. but if you save her teleport for escape, then you literally do not have any skills to actually fulfill her role as an assassin. again, no matter how well i or others do with her, she is one of the worst characters in the game

This is kinda true. I feel like her bladesweep got nerfed too because I can’t kill a pack of minions with less than 2 whole combos and two whole sweeps.

But now that you mention it, she is pretty weak. Her ult is only good for clearing minions until you get the one where it cuts the already horrible damage in half so you can walk around with it.

She has a silence but most enemies can just walk away.

It’s kinda screwed up that phoebe only has a teleport which is REQUIRED to get away, and melee combos. But then galilea has literally every skill in the game. Stop enemies from healing? Check. Get away skill? Check. Ranged attacks? Double check. Strong melee attacks? Check. Shield that blocks almost every form of damage? Check. Stun? Check. AoE? Check. Heal skill? Check.

Yeah, they definitely nerfed her. I just watched my boyfriend die within 3-4 hits from a varelsi skulk in Void’s Edge (norm)–enemy took easily 400hp+ each hit [with his shield up] and this never happened before. I tried to see if it would happen to me (I’ve been playing Deande), but it didn’t–I only took 100hp or so per hit, so I know it’s not the enemies/levels.

I really hope this is addressed and/or fixed soon, because this really shouldn’t be happening.

I random’d her in today Overgrowth game and felt no changes, really. I still rush level the same way, get into people face and still destroy them with the same True strike mutation combo that kill people in 4-5 seconds before they even get me down to a reasonable health.

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you forgot silence and the pull that pulls you into all of the things you listed. on phoebe’s worst day, she was nowhere near as strong as galilea is after two nerfs…

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I find that extremely unlikely if not outright impossible to happen. Did you literally just stand there and all Caldarius to land 30 critical hits in a row on you from point blank?

To be fair, I believe Phoebe back in Closed beta or maybe Alpha, she had a 5 second stun via Preparation. She was definitely far stronger than Gali during those dark days, lol.

it was never 5 seconds lol. i think it was 3 to begin with, then two. then they nerfed the window of time you had. i think the 5 seconds was how long you might have had to land the combo, but i dont remember exactly. but i know for sure the stun itself was never that long

3 seconds of stun in of itself is pretty much death.

pretty much. not gonna deny that. but being pulled, slowed, silenced, automatic dmg, amplified dmg from all sources, then stunned for two seconds is definitely the same death. at least with phoebe you could still use skills, not get pulled into it, etc. Gali is like pre nerf phoebe with training wheels

Depends who you are playing against. Go google up legendary items from story mode. People might be running team buffs. So there team all might have something similar. Sentinels legendary drop should be a prime example of what they might be doing

I mean, I know the roles in this game don’t make any sense. Tanks don’t tank, healers don’t heal (except miko) but assassins are just silly. They’re supposed to be high risk high reward but there is no reward. I go into battle with phoebe and I auto die in a couple of hits.

I definitely notice a change in her survivability from the beta/CTT. I used to just run into people head on, but now I sneak around because even though she has 300 shield and 1.2k health from the start, rath just hits her a couple of times and she’s dead.

When I do get into a situation where I can actually sneak up and kill someone they either get away or someone else gets the kill. It’s REALLY not fun to play her anymore. Idk what they did but please reverse it. Galilea is the one who needs nerfed here, not phoebe. I rarely see any phoebes and now there will be a lot less as more and more people get killed by like 2 skills.

It’s a good idea but that’s not what’s happening.

Phoebe is really strong of you know how to play her, I’ve ran into a guy twice that’s talky good with her and he was able to take the team on with her. Just got to know how to use her.

This isn’t true at all. I build her with all damage and I’ve tried to build her as a tank. Even with tank gear, she’s squishy.

Hell, if you try to attack a stinger turret that the enemy bought, the turret takes out all your shield and a good chunk of health until level 5, then you have enough to only lose your shield to it.

If you try to attack any character you automatically die. I used to use her as a tank, but they definitely screwed something up with this hotfix. I’ve been successful with phoebe without using her as an assassin but you can’t do that now. And even when being used as an assassin she’s just garbo.