Did They Nerf The Lores Again?

They have changed Attikus’ “activate skills with a fully charged Hedronic collector” from 200 down to 30. (I ground out 200 in PVP a few weeks ago)

I looked through the other 6 characters I need to master and all their lores are unchanged.

Has anyone else noticed any other lores inexplicably lowered like this?

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Stick with it!

With some time, practice and patience it’s an AMAZING game!

I’m pretty sure it dates back to the July patch update, but they forgot to mention it.

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Lore nerf is not a bad thing!! Is a good thing because some ppl dont like PvP (the other half of the game), but want to unlock lore.

I dont like to do ops with randoms… I like to get 100 points and some dont like to wait if we missed 1 point. The other pve missions are 100% completed for me, thats why i dont public match anymore, but ill join if we are in a party.


Tbh I think it was higher when I did it some time ago. It was definitely more than 30, so they probably really lowered it.
I wish they’d get rid off PvP lore instead…

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It’s way more fun if you can find a friend to play with.

I pretty much stick to the story unless I have one other person in my party. Makes everything go a lot smoother.

Either way, hope you find something fun!

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The lore is so deep and core to the plot of the game that I’m for anything that makes it more accessible without outright handing it out.

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I know for a fact for the Attikus one it was at 200 no more than 3 weeks ago.

I spent a very drunken weekend as purely Attikus doing nothing but Meltdown all weekend killing 5 minions, activating a skill, repeating, 200 times.

Now it’s 30.

le sighs

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Pretty sure they changed Whiskey Foxtrots. I had a few that I progressed in but now I’m 0 for all of them except for the melee kills one.


Um… why? Charged Efficiency = You only use 1 charge when you use a skill so you can spam the hell out of it. Also, it hasn’t been nerfed. It’s still at 200.


What platform are you on?

I noticed that nerf on PC too.

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PC. Still says 200 for me. Weird.

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No you have to activate skills wuth a fully charged Hedronic Collector, which is 5 charges.

And im looking at Attikus’ lore screen, it legit says 30 for me!

I know but the Charged Efficiency mutation makes you only use one charge instead of all 5, so you can spam it like mad.

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We have entered the twilight zone… so which requirement is real?!
I’d check mine but my PS4 is more than an arm length away so we’ll never know.



I wish I had realized that a few weeks ago!


Wait wait wait wait. I’m on PS4, and it’s still 200. What are we talking about here?

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It’s not a big deal, just weird.

A few weeks ago I completed Attikus’ “activate skills with a fully charged Hydronic Collector 200 times” lore challenge.

Today, I was looking through Attikus’ lores as I finished two of them in a Heliophage run, and noticed that for some reason, the 200 had been dropped down to 30.

I just checked again, still at 30.

For some people who have posted in this thread, it is showing as 200 still, for some others it is showing as requiring 30.

I think there might be an odd glitch where it shows you different values before and after you’ve completed certain lore challenges.

Edit: I think I specifically remember this happening with Benedict’s boomsday kills lore challenge.

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