Did they over nerf Galilea?

I feel the devs love over nerfing Gali just got the el Dragon treatment. They shouldn’t have took her pull and silence.
The pull was nessary to keep people in her blight pool and disrupt the enemy team. That was a needed part of her kit. What they should have changed is move the level 1 pull to level 3 and you would have to pick pull or silence but you can’t have both. Thats what made her op. Dont know why they keep messing with her corruption.

Gali is perfectly fine where she is now imo. One of the most balanced characters in the game. And about the pull, you say it was a necessary part of her kit. That’s exactly the reason why they nerfed it. No level should have an obvious helix choice, the goal is to make all choices viable on every character and they did a fine job with Gali.


Thats why I suggested to move it to level 3 where you pick pull or silence.

And there are plenty of characters where there is only one helix choice. Look at melka

Mellka is the perfect example of why such helices need to be changed. Her helices were one track before the massive hit to her venom, and because her helices were hardly touched that venom nerf drastically reduced her power without giving the needed bump to her other abilities. That’s why most of the pre-winter update Mellka talk was about changing her helix options and bumping up her health values.

Why give characters options if the options are so brokenly balanced that the other option(s) are basically non viable?

The reason Gali lost some of her CCs was because of how stupidly stagnant the game had become due the massive bloat of CCs in the game. Gali was the top offender of this issue, and needed to be dialed back so others could be appropriately balanced without leaving an even bigger power gap.

Gal is fine now. She closer to balance than she’s ever been. She was the queen of the battlefield for long enough. Time for her to step down

I think she could use a little work, but she’s in a far better place now than she ever has been and even if she’s slightly weak there’s a genuine path to balance for her for the first time ever. I think they over nerfed her pull a little bit (if I can’t pull an Ernest off the staircase in monuments, the helix is pretty much useless) and I think her passive could use a buff but as a whole I think they did a really good job with her changes.

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Other than her pull not really working for some reason (which I hope is just a bug), she’s in a fine place right now!

Sorry i was mistaken, its level 4 they should have move the pull to so at level 4 it would be a choice of silence pull or wound.
A lot of gali hate here. Gali was the kelvin counter now hes on top the food chain. When you say shes balanced and in a good place, i see shes the last place tank. Btw I’m not a gali fan but i did fear her.

Ghalt was and still is Kelvin’s biggest counter. And Boldur is still at the top of the food chain, not Kelvin.


Personally I don’t see why you couldn’t just reverse that thought process. Fix the bad, instead of making what currently works equally as bad as the rest.

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Shes straight garbage now. The pull has to be in like melee range or it misses. Also players were able to control the direction in which they wanted to be pulled. 2 players jumped in the air and I pulled them towards me, they pulled themselves away while still being in mid air. The pull should have stayed the same but moved to a later helix lvl. Even the slow is weak.

the only thing i think they shouldn’t have nerfed was her corruption, it takes so long to fill that up now that by the time its full, you have to get out or you’ll die early game, plus she still has her primary dmg nerfs, still she is good but the whole “In my Desecrate, I’m Queen” shtick needs just a little buff and she’ll be great.

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I agree with a lot of changes, but I think they over did the dial backs. I feel like I’m swinging a foam bat for a sword. I used to main her, but switched since the last round of nerfs before the update.

She’s no longer a threat. Her damage is mediocre and her pull is completely useless.


One thing that i think is strange is that they removed the power to allow Gally to silence and made it into a 30 damage resistance. Hey i ain’t saying that’s bad. Now i can tank shots and stab people Thumbs up My life is so much better now!

she didn’t need damage resistance people people always run out of the aoe and CC’d foes can’t fight back either way

I think they were trying to make Galilea into something other than an assassin tank

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But her base stats for a defense character are ass so damage reduction doesn’t go that far vs say Kelvin or Attickus. It’s is not worthy replacement for silence at all since her main counterbalance to her weak defensive capabilities are her high cc.
Her later helix that weakens all enemies in Desecrate for 30% damage is better because it applies to all foes near her and her allies benefit from the damage debuff so it benefit.

So now compared to other defenders (and some attackers) she has a harder time applying CC safely or they apply it better ones. She’s just mediocre in niches that you would pick a defender.

Don’t forget the additional health pool from her shield. Kelvin or Attikus can’t take an ult head on and walk away with zero damage taken.

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Depends on which ult. Also with damage reduction they really eat ult well. Also considering her playstyle vs Boldur and ISIC the enemy team can find ways around it