Did they over nerf Galilea?

Damage reduction applies to her toggle shield health pool too, though, right? So DR on Gali is more useful than it seems just looking at her base health + recharging shield. As far as I understand it, this is also why Boldur is so stupid hard to kill (that and his ability to heal via shield after lvl 5.)

Being able to simply step in front of your healer and shield block that incoming Paradigm Shift, Bindleblast, Blade Launcher, Hawkeye volley or whatever is nice. Sure Kelvin and Attikus can just leap and eat it too, but it’s not trivial that Gali does so without taking damage.


No. She’s been broken since launch.

These are reparations.

TERRITORIAL TANK anyone? She is a powerfull tank inside her blight.

Before everyplace in the world was her territory and forced everyone in the area to join, now she hold her ground and punish those who dare to cross it.



This however does not work to my understanding. Even if you’re in front of them, if they’re in the blast radius, they still take the damage.

Don’t forget Kelvin has complete damage immunity, which is on a pretty short cooldown in the late game.


You absolutely can stop all the attacks I mentioned (Blade Launcher, blast radius?) If you’re right on top of someone, yes they’ll be hit by splash etc, but people body block Hawkeye to save healers all the time.

edit: actually, you might be right about Paradigm Shift if it pierces. Gali is still great at stopping projectiles before they hit anyone is my main point!

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Orendis ult? No
Volley? Lvl 1 right no.
Marquis/thorn ult? Not rly they are aoe

How i know? I was miko trying to hide behind galilea, the aoe blast deleted me

Paradigm Shift probably goes through, you’re right. But I’m not talking about literally standing in front of someone and trying to soak up the splash. I mean intercepting the projectile as it is coming

And there’s a reason I didn’t mention ae nukes like Wrath of the Wild

With marquis, gali took the direct hit, i was right behind inside the ult aoe.

Maybe i was a bit to the right/left and got in the splash, but thats my experiencia[quote=“EdenSophia, post:21, topic:1562344”]

What’s Bindleblast then? And Paradigm Shift is an AoE nuke as well, just a projectile-less one.

To be honest, I always assumed Bindleblast is just a stronger sniper shot because I’ve never played a game of Marquis :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is that Galilea can intercept projectiles - including some ult projectiles and lethal Hawkeye volleys - to body block for healers and take no damage. This does save lives and is something that Attikus, say, doesn’t do as well as her. This isn’t such a controversial claim, is it?

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See above

If she had a little bigger shield… Miko’s head is bigger than her shield lololol.

Only melka, alani and maybe thorn can hide behind her :joy:

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It doesn’t have to hit the shield for Gali to block it. She just has to be facing the attack. Her hitbox is the shield

That is right, isn’t it? I mean you have me second guessing everything now. I’ve played hundreds of Gali matches and saved people by shield blocking random nonsense and now I’m wondering if any of it ever happened :cry:


Personally I’ve messed with Galilea a bit since the nerfs, the only point that is kind of annoying is how slow her corruption gathers stacks.

Past that I run regen+regen, DR+regen and a free shard gen

At level 4 I took damage when it was in meltdown, but when I tried the damage reduction was I found it was a noticeable difference in the amount of control I had in my “zone”(as in while desecrate was up I was holding the line just fine)

Personally I walked into playing her with the mentality of a war of attrition, stay alive and whittle down the enemies until more allies can arrive to turn the tide.

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What im trying to say is:

Im miko and im behind gali while she is shielding oky? She is trying to protect me from om ranged attacks, all he has to do is move a bit to the right or the left and he will snipe my head without problems. Unless gali is in his face… And he should be slowed stuned and dead.

Only big bullets can get easily intersepted by gali, who is a thin character and her shield is not as big as i wish.

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Everything is a controversy when things get technical around me…

If you haven’t noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get that, but it was never his role. And in my eyes, from a design standpoint, Attikus is one of the worst designed Battleborn. Kit-wise at least.

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I hope ur fingers burn for typing that!! He is perfect!!


Im proud of this match, i know im not the best gali but thats what i was trying to do.

I wish gali’s attack power was a bit higher to be scared of her. Right now the slow is more scary than gali itself…

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I always move around a lot as Gali to prevent this happening. I don’t know. Maybe I just play a weird Mellka-Gali hybrid. Even stopping one or two Benedict rockets, Ghalt shells, or Marquis shots is difference between a dead or alive Miko, if you ask me.


Actually im making drama lol if im miko the bitch of gali im picking right lvl 2 to follow her because yes she can stop 1-2 random bullets but is not as impresive as barrierwatch i mean overwatch Reinhardt shield

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