Did they stealth hotfix the -50% gun damage Mayhem modifier?

Because I have gotten -20% twice in a row seemingly in place of it.

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In the update today for this weeks increased anointed drops they said they are toning down some

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Ah, makes sense. Was wondering if something was up with my game.

So any idea if this is permanent or just for the event?

Edit: Based on the fact its more or less seemingly done away with all significant damage modifiers I’d guess its the latter.

The changes are permanent?

For the week long event, via hotfix. There may be more permanent adjustments in the works down the road, but I would guess those are not likely to be as generous.

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i hope there is a more permanant, cause 30% bullet reflection is bloody insane. when that is a thing, i melt myself with my own bullets. forget the enemies killing me, i do a good enough job of it myself.

Seeing as how the community keeps asking for the modifiers to be Better balanced, and gb has already announced that they are looking into it, it makes sense that they gave us a modifier ‘rebalance’ for this event. That way they can watch our posts and data to help them come up with a basic consensus on how each modifier should be rebalanced.

It all looks good as far as permanently nerfing

some of those

really obnoxious stat rolls. Fingers crossed.

But it’s a promising start to go off.

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The guy who tweaks the numbers for hotfixes said in one of the streams that Mayhem modifier changes were coming with this event but he made it sound like it was a permanent rebalance based on feedback