Did we ever figure out what Weapon Handling is in Borderlands 3?

There are certain skills in the skill trees that have weapon handling bonuses. Thing is, this was not a stat that existed in Borderlands 2. I’ve seen alot of confusion over weapon handling, and I personally am not sure what it would effect. Seems like just about every possible bonus is covered by other metrics.

  • ADS/Scope Sway is covered by accuracy in earlier games
  • Reload Speed is it’s own thing
  • Weapon Swap Speed is it’s own thing
  • Mode Switch speed is it’s own thing

Some possibilities I can think of:
1 . Weapon Handling reduces recoil
2. Accuracy no longer reduces both bullet spread and ADS/Scope sway, but instead only reduces bullet spread, while ADS/Scope Sway is covered by Weapon Handling

I see “weapon handling” and think aim speed or recoil severity. Usually recoil.


Yeah, Aim Speed and Recoil Reduction seem like strong contenders for sure. It seems to mainly be paired with Accuracy bonuses in the Skill Tree. If accuracy affects bullet spread and scope sway still, both of which help sniping tremendously, it would make sense for Weapon Handling to reduce recoil or ADS/Scope speed, which will also help with sniping.

Accuracy is size of reticle, weapon handling is recoil of reticle. I think we can be certain of that. ADS speed is probably in handling too.
Also, I’m secretly hoping that weapon handling has a tiny bonus to everything, like switch speed, reload speed.

I’d be surprised (though not overly so) if they combined some prior weapon stats into a generic ‘weapon handling’ metric.

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I would think it would effect the initial reticule size and the rate that it expands when fired (or the reverse on Hyperion weapons if they work just like in BL2)