Did we just lose the Incursion queue AGAIN?!?

The unfortunate fact remains about Battleborn, it was released at a bad time, right next to Overwatch. Now I love the game, don’t get me wrong, but decisions like this baffle me. No other game I have ever played, even CoD with all the ■■■■ it gets throughout it’s copy/paste gameplay has ever taken the player’s ability to choose what game mode they want to play away from them.

Gbox has done this twice, just completely throw Incursion into the Quickplay area. The Incursion matchmaking is undoubtedly the most populated playgroup, it doesn’t make any sense to MAKE people play game modes they don’t want to play. If they wanted to play Meltdown, Face-Off or Capture then they would be in the Quickplay matchmaking group and this issue wouldn’t be present, now you could make the argument that if you simply don’t like it then don’t play the game. Well most people do that. Gbox, you made a good Incursion mode, cool characters and some relatively funny story mode. I play Incursion, I know people who left the game for the entirety of the time the FIRST time you threw Incursion into Quickplay. I stopped playing the game as much myself.

It’s quite simple and it appears as though a good majority of the community agrees, we understand your intention to try and freshen up the game and keep it alive as long as you can, but the small community is only going to get smaller if you dictate how we have our fun. Leave Incursion out of all matchmaking that isn’t its own, it was not cool, it was not cute it was not fun the first or second time. Obviously the majority of the Incursion play group is not entertained with a 1 in 3 chance their mode comes on the screen for voting (if it comes at all), then a 1 in 3 chance for it to be something other than Echelon (the worst map in the game in many Incursion main’s opinions). If you’re going to throw it into Quickplay there should be an option for each of the four game modes, not a 3 game modes and “no preference” there should only be a “no preference” when it’s up to choosing the map.

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Ummmm a lot of us were actually quite satisfied with Incursion being folded into Quick Match and Quick Match and Bots being the only two queues.

The wait times be she essentially non existent plus every now and then you would catch a pro Incursion stomp squad out in Meltdown or some other mode they would never normally play and WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THEM!

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I’d rather have longer wait times playing something I want to play than waiting two seconds to play in games I don’t want to play. Quality over quantity my friend. especially since this game’s play group is so small.

Garrus you’re on PS4 you know the player base isn’t THAT small here. Unless it’s the dead of night i will RARELY come up against the same players or groups of players more than once a session.


Just out of curiosity did they ever release the dropped matches rate during the time periods with no incursion playlist available? I personally witnessed the vast majority of the games that didn’t have incursion as an option have somebody drop out and the match not start.

I just won’t play on days with no incursion queue. I don’t like draft either so attaching draft to anything means I won’t play that either. Frankly I am feeling pretty done with the game with what gbx does.

I personally enjoy the draft, although i will admit that it makes playing with a group a lot more important. Drafting with randoms can be brutal.

I used to think/feel the same, but … with time and by moving out of the comfort zone, all the other modes, missions and map types have grown to, in their own different ways, become as enjoyable as any other.

If anything, I’d wish for Solo/Duo to last longer than the 24 hours of the moment - it’s refreshing to test your skills beyond the “safety” of 5PPM (plus, at times, a rather humbling experience).

(And @FlamesForAll, I couldn’t agree more with all of your responses so far in this thread.)

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Is this Vietnam-era America?

Don’t people know there are consequences for avoiding the draft?!?

Nixon’s gonna get ya!

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