Did we just lose the Incursion queue AGAIN?!?

Game just updated, and now we have Bots Battle, Solo/Duo Queue, and Quick Match? Gearbox, why do we keep losing the incursion queue? The community obviously can support it. What gives?

Didn’t they say solo/duo queue comes in on Wednesdays only?

Hey look its Wednesday


Good call, I had forgotten about that.

No problem man. I think it’s kinda interesting but weird they chose Wednesday specifically.

Oh well, I have stuff to do tonight, guess that’ll get done first.

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Is incursion back in the quick match queue then?

I want to try one special queue mid-week (because I know we have mid-week players who don’t like weekend-only events) and one special queue on the weekend. As mid-week tends to be lower pop times, it’s easier to encourage solo/duo queue for those who like that mix, and to leave Versus Draft for Saturdays where teams tend to group up and play.

And yes, at the moment we’ll rotate Incursion out to get those special queues in, just on those two days for a week.

Incursion is not back in the Quick Match queue, though that’s something we might consider doing during Solo/Duo queue next week, because I know that some 5-man Incursion teams will find their options limited.


Ii’s a very tricky situation. If you take Incursion away some people get loud, if you add it into Quick Match others also get very loud, because they only want to play anything but Incursion and with this mode in the votes it is played very often. Don’t really know how to please everyone of them, but Incursion without a full team can be rough. The other modes are imho a little more forgiving. Maybe leave the Incursion queue and try Quick Match with Solo/Duo?

Btw., any plans to add Overgrowth to Bots Battle?

Edit: Also sorry for the double post, still not used to the forum here yet :frowning:

We can’t. :slight_smile: So, our current strategy is to find the real sore spots and try to manage those while still maintaining a “keep things fresh” philosophy.

Yes, glad you brought that up. It’s an unintentional ommission. I just put in an issue to get it in ASAP. Should start appearing within the next few days.


Yay, thanks. Wasn’t that urgent but I’m happy about that :slight_smile:

So to summarize, incursion is the most popular game mode, but some people want to play meltdown and capture. I totally get that, which is why it makes sense for them to have their own queue. But taking the incursion queue away to encourage diversity and trying to boost numbers in alternate queues just doesn’t make sense. If McDonalds wants to sell more chicken nuggets and salads but the overwhelming majority of their customers prefer Big Macs, would it make sense for them to remove Big Macs from their menu on certain days to boost nugget sales at the risk of alienating their customer base? Even if they were currently struggling to keep their already dwindling customer base from going to their competitors? The nuggets and salads are either strong enough options to make it on their own or they aren’t. Making the popular menu items worse or removing them doesn’t make bad options better, it just makes the brand worse.


That’s a great analagy, @Mr_Style_Points.

Forcing people who want to play incursion - which are many, if not most of us - to play other game modes will not have the primary effect of breathing life into other game modes. It will merely tick off large swaths of the population and send them to other games. After fumbling my way through games of Capture, Meltdown, and FaceOff last night, I was able to reaffirm what I already knew: I don’t enjoy playing those game modes. Period. Not “I don’t enjoy them as much as I enjoy Incursion,” but “I don’t enjoy them at all, and I will have to find something else to do with my Wednesday evenings now.” Why are we being forced into that position, when there are ALWAYS enough people looking to play incursion to support a dedicated incursion queue?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: I still have not heard a good reason why there should not always be an Incursion queue. Always. Not 5 days per week.

@Jythri, I respect that approach. But haven’t you guys heard from us enough - and seen the large population numbers in the incursion queues, when they are available - to realize that not having an incursion queue IS one of the “real sore spots?”

Thanks for the helpful response (as always), Jythri.

I myself really do like Solo Queue.

You know, I think a simple fix would be to have the individual queues back.

Was the matchmaking really that bad that there needed to be a “universal” queue while Incursion to its own devices? Besides, the people who prefer Meltdown are going to vote for Meltdown, and the people who prefer Capture are going to vote for Capture. Doesn’t the Quick Match just complicate things?

Or how about this: leave Quick Match and have it include all modes - hop in, play, hop out. Then you can have the specific queues for those who just want to play that specific mode. Yay? Nay?

cough cough Population cough cough

The idea was that there aren’t enough players to support the separate queues for the more fetish game modes, and when incursion was an option in quick match it was almost always picked. This led to understandably upset meltdown/capture players, who now had NO option to play their mode of choice. The fact that there was such dominance by incursion SHOULD have made clear the need for an incursion only queue. They are trying to push solo/duo queue to keep the better players from teaming up and stomping matches against a randomly assigned team. By doing this and simultaneously removing the incursion queue, however, they inadvertently punished a large section of the player base who fall closer to average on the player scale but just want to play with friends.

If you want to make incursion matches more even, work on the things you CAN fix (i.e. using ELO and rank to better balance teams when possible). So many times I’ll solo queue and end up in a match where one team has ALL new players and the median level on the other side is 120+. Assuming devs are able to see things like ELO, they could even help those that are new or struggling in PvP and WANT to improve by offering occasional workshop days, where players that want to improve and have a mic can be teamed up with a high ELO player who can talk gameplay with them. Hell, offer the top 10% a special skin in exchange for being placed with 4 random people who all want to improve for an hour and giving them build and playstyle pointers. I’m sure that there would be plenty of takers. That may or may not fix the problem, but it would at least attempt to strengthen the community rather than divide it further.

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Hmm. I play on the Xbox the most where matchmaking was (and still is to my knowledge, though I don’t PvP as much as I used to) going pretty strong. I guess I just never noticed as such.

Aside: Man, allergies suck.

Frankly my love for this game fades. I don’t play it as much and the changes that GBX does only further reinforce my feelings.

What I don’t get is why people are so “afeared” of going into Incursion either alone or, in the case of duo queue, with one of your trusted Battle Companions!

I’ve been solo queing a LOT more lately, and, while I would prefer that there wasn’t a draft pick in solo / duo queue, it keeps things interesting and refreshing!


It just means leaving your comfort zone for a bit.

And, if there is one thing I know about those of us who play almost exclusively with pre-mades, is that we’ve gotten pretty damn spoiled when it comes to not having to solo queue!


I agree completely with your statement. I also feel that people need to acknowledge that the solo players versus pre-made groups has been and continues to be an issue that has lead to a large outcry from the community. The solo/duo queue is the solution to this, which is what @Jythri was referring to.

In my opinion, this queue is a great balance since the solo players get a more even playing field and those that like grouping up can still go in with a buddy.


Solo/duo queues are an excellent solution supposing that we all have only one friend or no friends, but that simply isn’t the case for a lot of us. While I certainly sympathize with those of the community with difficulty making friends, I don’t see a need to punish those of the community who have no such difficulty.

I play a fair amount solo if I am working the night shift, and while it can be irritating to get stomped by a premade group of five when you get paired with 4 teammates that just bought the game, I don’t endorse punishing people that want to play the game with their friends just because I don’t like losing.