Did we reach the peak now?

the new level cap at 3.26. will be 57, allowing us to reach 2 capstones
additional, we will be able to farm from OP (sry i will just call it that) 1 to 10 like in Bl2

that might be interesting to work ourselves up these OP levels and we can try out funny builds with 2 capstones

but 1 thing: that really looks like levels will stop at this point

will we ever get new skills? like, because we dont get new VHs?

and when people work themselves up to OP 10, they will really not want a new level cap increase in the next months

you gotta be clear about this already xD

btw, will people now be able to cheese the mayhem level mechanic and just red chest farm on mayhem 10? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they say when the lvl cap increase goes live?

This thursday with the DLC2 update.

Nice one! I’m glad they didn’t miss that opportunity :slight_smile:

Agreed. It would have been annoying to get the DLC before the level cap because that would’ve meant that you would either have to hold off on playing the DLC or put up with outleveling your brand new DLC items.
Still gonna have to farm those 4 levels first but Scraptraps and Mother of Grogans got you covered.

i dont mind, playing the DLC to level up
i just dont want to min max farm BiS gear, not knowing if it will be obsolete again in 2 months

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Oh my, I didn’t realize this. I’m not sure I’ll re-spec them to hit two each (as some of the capstones aren’t worth the trip to get them for me, plus I’m playing a game called ‘don’t cross builds’. I’ll figure it out one point at a time.

Unless they come out and say this is the final level cap, I wouldn’t count on it being the last.

I just don’t wanna lose out on quest rewards that might potentially be good or crew challenge items that you can get only once per character, so I wanna make sure to be max level when I start this DLC, even if that means spending some time grinding beforehand and thus not making use of the xp from the new quests.

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It is my hope that when they release the final level upgrade, they also include a way to reset the Crew Challenge and Quest rewards. Or at the very least, include the items in appropriate world-drop/boss loot pools.


Read only farming Pain and Terror.
(They’re a one shot kill, regardless of difficulty)

I get the impression there will be more level cap raises in the near future. In fact, I expect a level cap every month.

then why would anyone farm for BiS gear?

Good question for GB. Just be prepared to farm over and over again even after the lvl 57 cap raise with 10 more OP levels on top of that. Then wait a month for another level cap.


best in slot
the perfect roll that you are looking for
the perfect gun parts, perfect element, anointment
class mods and artifacts are probably even harder to get perfectly rolled

I’m pretty sure that the people that farm for the perfect gear are a relatively small portion of the player base (I’m not saying any less important). I think these updates are more designed to give the players that farm and play more casually something to strive for other than searching for that perfect gear

yea but the ultimate goal of the game, what people are still doing after the casuals are not even interested in the game anymore, is farming for the perfect gear
and such people should not be scared away with irrelevant level increases every 2 months

Again not everybody will play like that, not everybody will have that same goal. I had a minimum of 15 max level characters in BL2 and never bothered farming perfect gear and I’m on my way to having 7 mayhem 4 capable lvl 53’s in BL3 right now, but I know that people play 1000’s of hours with one VH. That being said I’m strongly against the way the level increases are playing out and would rather have two or three big increases over the games entire lifespan

if they give us an option to increase gun levels, that would be ok too.
im not too averse of cleaning my safe from time to time^^