Did you enjoy today's Dev event? (6/25)

Good evening.

For the few hours I played, I had a blast! How about you, Lilith?

I ever saw one Dev. Lilith in his marketplace-skinned, El Dragon. I in my marketplace-skinned, Attikus. After 3 “1 for 1” kills …


Everywhere I turned, Lilith was right there, punching me on my big chin. Yeah, these Dev events have to become commonplace.

As a future suggestion, could non-NA players be included as well? I don’t know if that’s even possible, but it’s worth asking.

~ Love ya all. Attikus rules!

I wasn’t playing, but I watched @JoeKGBX and @scottv on twitch stream with Stealthshampoo. I quite enjoyed my Sunday morning with coffee watching Battleborn twitch stream with the devs! Asking some questions, having a laugh watching the devs (particularly Joe) go in all Rambo with Nicky trying to keep the heals up :smile:

Should do this every week :acmaffirmative:


Yes it was not bad, it will be nice to see next months as well. Looking forward to that :slight_smile:


Sadly, saw no devs.
But had a big blast.
More people means more teams!

Also double Credits helps alot.
If I could convert my wasted Command and Character XP to $$$ I would be in heaven.
Or better yet, more levels.

Or even better better, more better loots!
Ok now I am just overusing comparative form.
Time to switch to superlative.
Best day ever. (except for the beta).

Thx GBX, more cowbell.


Glad you caught the stream! Yea, I was laughing so hard when I realized how hard Nicky was having to work to heal me. I had no idea! Today I learned I play more recklessly than I should, lol.


Haha I’m pretty sure every healer/support sees their dps and tank team mates as too reckless!

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Oh damn I totally missed this event!!

This is the entire reason my main support is Reyna.

Overshield has long range, is nearly instant, and nobody can complain that the healer isn’t doing their job when they died literally 5 seconds after I shielded them.


I’m a recent Reyna convert myself. She is amazeballs :heart_eyes:


Don’t worry, I did too… Slept right through it, whoops, haha.

I hope everyone had fun watching, and hopefully even playing with a dev!


I missed it!

I watched it until ohbloodyhelloclock. Damn timezones!

Info from Jythri/DeejayKnight is here:


There was some nice info that came out of it and it was great that they took some of their time to be in this event.

Would’ve been better if there had been a bit less of a PC focus and stream(s) not cutting to another game straight after.

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I missed it, unfortunately, but I’m looking forward to it if they ever do it again :slight_smile:

This event made me install/watch twich for the first time. It was nice! Such an awesome game.


I had a crazy amount of fun! Especially as my main man, El Dragon.

Hahah, truth. I saw you out there, kicking butt on the field and I was like “OH SNAP!” You did a great job as Attikus, really felt a strong threat to my team and my desire to win. Plus it was awesome to go toe-to-toe melee style with you - I legit got scared a few times when I turned around and saw your fiery form. Hope to see you playing again - maybe on the same team!. :smiley:

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Thank you ! hugs :heart_eyes:

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I never played with Devs but played against a few. Most of them played OM it seems… would have liked to have played with one, but wasn’t lucky enough.

I watched off and on for about four hours on Saturday. It was fun and informative. Also kind of fun watching the streamers and Devs getting their butts kicked a few times!

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It was great.

After a strong cup of coffee, below is a list of ideas for future dev events.

Would like to see some behind the desk stuff from the devs. A virtual tour of the office?

Maybe some more inside baseball stuff from the devs.

More dev interaction :slight_smile: Reddit AMA.

Tips for aspiring devs, good standards of practice. More twitch events

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