Did you ever dreamed of Borderlands? :)

(SixtySicksShooter) #1

I’m writing this down cause I will probably forget it at some point. I don’t know is this a fiction,speculation or a fan creations so I am not sure that this is the right section.I guess the moderators can move the thread to a proper section. In the last few weeks i had these 2 dreams of Borderlands, showing me areas that i have never seen before. The art style was similar to B2, but the colors are more like B1, a vast brownish wasteland with furious sandstorms and bandit vehicles driving through the storms. There was also a lot of abandoned Atlas structures. A guy similar to Axton was running with a yellow machine gun and shouting something over the storm.That was the dream from last night.The previous dream was during a day with a clear blue sky. I was standing on a gigantic rock in a bright orange desert sniping around. Under the cliff there was a small Bus stop on a desert road leading from an abandoned spaceport to some sort of a resort complex. I was able to see the complex destroyed entrance in the distance through the sniper optics.There was no one around.Only a light breeze. I had that feeling that someone will arrive at the bus stop. That’s it. If you ever had dreams about Borderlands and if you remember them i would love to hear them. :slight_smile:


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