Did you have trouble with these characters? (Wilhelm and Claptrap)

Now I’m looking for a class that’s Powerful aswell as a Tank. Pretty much came fresh off Borderlands 1 again, it’s just this time I just finished the game as Brick. I’m pretty much looking for a good character that segues off of Brick. Athena covers the tank pretty well but shes not much of a powerhouse.

That’s why I’m looking towards Wilhelm and Claptrap. However during my test runs with the both of them (seeing for myself which one I should play.) I’ve been having trouble with them. Their playstyles are very weird at times…if not that their sorta not that interesting to listen too.

Did anyone have trouble with these two? I mean Wilhelm’s direct “No.” attitude was funny at first…now it’s just getting a bit boring. As for Claptrap he’s sorta funny it’s just half the time it seems like I’m playing on Hard-mode with him…he’s so frail.

I’ve only levelled 3 Characters, two of which were Clappy and Wilhelm.

Wilhelm’s easy, but definately not strong at all, he’s by far one of the Weakest VH’s in TPS, so idk if he’s what your looking for. He’s definately the most vanilla character in the game.

Claptrap can be really tanky and strong at the same time, BUT he’s extremely gear dependent, he can be that character your looking for but if you don’t have the appropriate weapons or gear he can feel really weak, especially with how wonky his AS can be at times.

If you want a straightforward Character who basically can be played any way you want and still be extremely strong, I would suggest taking up Jack, because he has a lot of stuff that can cater to that tanky bruiser you’re looking for.

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Ah so Jack is a good character that matches Brick? in both terms of Tank/Powerhouse? I have done a Jack playthrough before just a very long time ago. I might consider doing him again just for the sake of (reminding myself how fun he was) and to follow through the segue for Brick.

Also…Is that true about Wilhelm? aww that’s kinda sad tbh. I know the guy is sorta boring but maaaan that character can’t catch a break. (boring boss fight in BL2 and now boring/stale character in TPS.)

There’s no strictly analogous characters to Brick, as he was an unkillable melee/explosive kinda guy.

The closest character technically would be Claptrap, but only with the right gear and enough levels.

Jack is moreover a pardon my pun Jack-of-all-trades as he can basically make do with any gear or build philosophy and make it work; you can mold him into whatever you need him to be.

Which is ridiculously ironic considering Jack has Borderline Personality disorder and is a sociopath.

Consider this:

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Wilhelm may not have the highest damage potential, but he makes up for it in survivability. With Divert Power, Energize and an 3DD1.E, he is capable of face-tanking the raid boss, quite literally. He’s the ‘‘slow and steady wins the race’’ type of character. Wilhelm was the only character I felt comfortable with while soloing the raid boss, everyone else just felt so squishy.

i absolutely will not stop, ever.

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Until you are dead.

Athena and Jack are also basically Unkillable…except they do damage.

They don’t have a cybernetic beard, Wilhelm has one.

From the characters that I’ve played, Aurelia and Nisha are what you’d consider a glass cannon, or at least they aren’t anywhere near tanky. Wilhelm is not only extremely bland but he’s basically outmatched by every character. Dialogue and damage? He’s the worst by far, as for survivability he still is inferior to Athena and Jack. I’ve never had a chance to play as claptrap and Jack, but I think you might be missing something with Athena.

If you don’t have any DLC and can only reach Lv50, she won’t be able to be both tanky, melee oriented with large dps output, but her Ceraunic Storm tree is based primarily off of getting insane DPS using fire and shock elements, while her middle is based off of melee, and the left tree is for survivability. I definitely recommend checking out some builds in the Athena section because there’s some variants that do exactly what your looking for. She’s also second to only Nisha in DPS and can solo Eclipse and the raid boss almost as fast, and obviously has the highest tankiness

Hardly would call Nisha a glass canon considering she has her L&O tree. As long as she can aquire stacks, she can be quite a tank.

I think jack would be the closest match to your requirements but again like others have said there really isn’t a brick equivalent in tps. He is very aggressive and his action skill can help create distractions that keep you from being the primary target.

Welhelm was a very frustrating character, I definitely think he is the worst of the batch but his termination skill does make him pretty unstoppable as long as enemies are around during your second down.

Claptrap is in a class all by himself, he definitely can be a cannon but the problem with him is his action skills are completely unpredictable and random making him a hard character to develop a certain play style with.

So I lost my Jack character…file got deleted and I don’t know how (I was half way finished too). Right now I’m back on drawing board :frowning:

So things will be different now, I’m scrapping Jack just cause I lost my Jack I was currently playing and playing him again will just be boring. sigh so…

Wilhelm or Claptrap
I’m looking for a Tank/Power House despite Wilhelm’s lack of damage he’s good at surviving which is good. He’s half way there…even with the best gear does Wilhelm’s power still lack? (if you check out this link, I’m looking for someone for the “Pain Train” I’m doing.)

Originally Wilhelm was gonna fill that role. Then I got comments saying Claptrap then Jack. (this was when I was still on my Borderlands playthrough.) This is something that should have been figured out a loooong time ago, and I’m sorry if this is annoying to some people.

Claptrap is random…though people say he’s good at Tank/Powerhouse role though he’s very gear dependent. If I pick him then he’ll probably help me get used to Salvador (who is next on the “Pain Train” but also very Gear dependent.)

This will be my last time asking this, and I’m hoping people can help me with this age old question.

Claptrap the Mistake or Wilhelm the Enforcer.

The best gear wilhelm is at least twice as slow at killing than the good characters and requires a lot more work.

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Definitely Claptrap. He’s effective at shield and health tanking, can be played with melee, explosive, and elemental builds, and he hits like a truck with all his novas.

Willy can definitely take damage, but he can’t deal it out anywhere near as well as the other toons. He’s basically like Roland with lasers. Not very Brick-like.

How is that even possible lol, aw man.

And with this turrets flying around other then being trapped in one spot lol. 2 for Claptrap so far…I’ll give it a bit more time and if it’s an easy choice I’ll go with that.

Actually with claptastic voyage you can just get the MORQ for free and that’s basically a Reo, that should keep Clappy healthy with Safety First.

Damn that actually sounds pretty legit lol, Health Regen is one of the bonuses for the “Pain Train”. That shield just adds to health regen he has with this A.S :slight_smile: