Did you have trouble with these characters? (Wilhelm and Claptrap)

You seem like you know your stuff with Claptrap so question. When you get the “Meat Unicycle” in his A.S is there anyway at all you can throw it like Krieg? cause that’s my problem with him. Whenever I get that skill, I can’t do anything with it…enemies always bounces me back whenever I try to get close to them. If I was able to just throw my axe at them like Krieg, I finally wouldn’t mind getting it.

Nope you sit in the corner and wait for it to go away.

Also the MORQ doesn’t have the regen passive iirc, just a thought if you’re having trouble looking for good gear in the future.

And this is exactly why I like him…a LOT of challenge in playing a Wilhelm…

Actually takes some…tactics and strategy. LOL

I know there are folks who hate that and like to just dive in and obliterate… but for me…it’s why I play this game. The theory crafting and execution with Wilhelm just requires more careful effort. It’s the reason I loved Axton in BL2 as well.

Do a Level 9 solo run of the Mutator Arena as a Wilhelm and you know exactly what I mean.

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I’ll be honest…your kinda adding good bonuses with Wilhelm. (first of your kind to be doing that.) I love challenges and your doing good on selling him.

Hoyle4 makes good points on why he’s so weak but you just touched my “challenge” side lol.

Edit:" Not challenge as in some sort of mental problem xD I love challenges, just to make things harder on myself. That’s what you touched :stuck_out_tongue:

Same deal with Roland and Axton though, they don’t have anything cool (Debateable on Axton he’s pretty good), so it’s a challenge to play them.

But you asked for a Brick-like powerhouse, not another soldier.

Wilhelm’s like a Brick who specs into Tank and nothing else. Obviously the damage isn’t there, but there’s a lot of similarities between their defensive skills (e.g. Unbreakable/Divert Power).

You could also say the other soldiers have really good tankiness though. (Roland with Quick Charge and Stat, Axton with his quick charge prep grit shenanigans and whatnot),

I know what I asked for. I’m just saying he found something good on Wilhelm that I liked lol. No one since I’ve asked this question has done that for him.

I’ll still probably pick Claptrap, it’s just now that I have a “good” reason to pick Wilhelm now whenever I play this game again.

True, but their survival strategies are different from Wilhelm’s, as opposed to Jack who has Digijacks/Winning/Teamwork/Take Their Freedom which are closer, or Nisha who basically has an entire skill tree centered around Grit. Energize is kind of similar though, although it’s more like what would happen if you gave a Brawnzerker shield regen.

No one else on Wilhelm’s side? Alright then! That’s a enough time now, so that’s it now. The character I’ll use will be Claptrap!

“Pain Train”

I’m sad I lost my Jack file, but least this way I’ll be getting something new. (Never done Claptrap so this will be interesting.)

Takeurfirst point in safety first, you won’t regret it

Last question Hoyle…If and this is a big "If’ I still don’t enjoy this playthrough with Claptrap. That’s something I’m really trying not make happen, after all this trouble I put you guys through.

Now this is someone who didn’t make it on the list but I do have an Athena save-file on my computer. Game finished and everything…all set for TVHM. If someone happens again where I lose my Claptrap file (please god, don’t let that happen again.) would she be good for the “Pain Train” as a back up’s back up character.

Wilhelm I never had trouble with, he’s actually my favorite playable character in the series with Axton second and Mordecai third.
Clappy… He’s my least favorite playable character in the series (I have no second least favorite, that’s how much I hate him.) His only source to competent damage comes from only one skill tree and his action skill can vary from useful to impeding (Like how Funzerking makes it impossible to run and revive others and how I literally am incapable of long ranged combat with the Buzz axe rampage, really useful against RK5, The Sentinel’s second form and EOS…), I’m not saying he sucks but I do really despise playing as him, hell I only let FragTrap players join my session as long as they NEVER use their action skill due to how much more frequently it acts like an anchor than an asset.

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Claptrap has no consistant Action Skill, it always very’s!

dont spec into BxR then. and funzerker is fantastic against raids. and if your doing something else, healing/reloading or whatever, he stops shooting.

Thats a default action package…

Jack can tank like there’s no tomorrow. I can solo everything with him. I can park him somewhere with his action skill on and watch everything die due to his exploding holojacks. And then I start shooting. I can sit in lava. I can res myself without even killing something. I can do insane amounts of damage and survive. When his action skill runs out, I hide or I end it early and act very carefully. Jack’s best damage is closeup when his holojacks are in range, exploding near the enemy while you’re also shooting at stuff. Jack is basically my Sal of TPS. I can take on anything. Wish I could play some of the BL2 content with him and watch him survive so much better. I spec full into the middle tree. Everything filled and then I dabble in the left and right tree and then I use nova shields.

Nisha. also has some extreme tankiness. But not as much as Jack. But I think she can output higher DPS, especially at a distance. A little more delicate but law & order is how she keeps her health up.

Athena literally has a tank shield but you gotta face it towards the incoming damage. Her melee skills are probably the best of the TPS crowd. And she can output insane damage as well. Distance or close up.

Wilhelm and Claptrap I don’t know very well. Only got to around level 30 or 40 with them so far.

Lady Hammerlock can turn on her action skill and watch dudes freeze and shatter. And it scales well. I’ve been resetting UVHM with her up to level 60 so far and I haven’t needed new equipment. Just hit the action skill and watch them shatter. However, I think she doesn’t have as much health regen as others.

Hey man I got a question for Wilhelm. How rewarding is it playing as him? you don’t have alot of damage towards you but how rewarding is it having Hunter fly around shooting anything that you point :slight_smile: ? having those rolling thunder stacks build up too.

The one thing that keeps making me wanna play as him is being about to target whoever I want killed. Really makes me feel like a real badass having my men “Hunter” go out and kill for me.

Like fighting a real tough boss, you can’t deal with the little enemies right now so you have hunter kill them. (every so often you turn around to target someone else just to extent his duration.)

Edit:" HA I noticed I called Wolf, Hunter lol idk where I got that from my mistake. "

THEIR duration is extended.

I have played them all to lvl 70.

Nisha if you want to kill bosses (and everything else) without trying

Athena is also a boss killer but with more setup (can be played melee hybrid also)

Claptrap I only play without using action skill (which can be hilarious or frustrating) - explosive build (gear dependent)

Wilhelm - all rounder that can easily do all content - at a slower pace!

Jack - all rounder that is great at suicide (build that is)

Aurelia - great mobber but average boss killer (the real big bosses)