Did you know which character you wanted to max out?

So after you unlocked characters or just reading each one up in the selection screen (skills and checking their mutation skills online.) Did you know which characters you wanted to main and just max them out as fast as possible? Or after you unlocked each one of them, did you figure out who was your main by simply playing them?

I thought I wanted to main El Dragon but after playing him, I just found him weird to use. I find myself using Caldarius alot more despite me thinking he wasn’t too interesting. Now after playing him, he’s alot of fun than what I first originally thought. I think he would be considered one of my mains since he’s my most used now lol.

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I usually like healers in these kind of games. So, in the beta I played Miko since Miko was the only one unlocked at the beginning. Once I unlocked Ambra at level 14, I never played another character for the rest of the beta (granted, she was OP in the beta). Once the game released I got Ambra unlocked ASAP and immediately mastered her. Just love her character design.

Then, I really didn’t know who to play next so I had to try a few characters and see which I liked. Eventually I mastered Ghalt, then El Dragon, Deande, and Miko. All pretty different characters with different play styles.

Originally, after I mastered Ambra, I planned to master all the Jennerit, but Ghalt looked too interesting lol.

Edit: Some people jump around from character to character, but I like to play one and master it, then basically not pick them again for a while. Usually with 20 hours into a character you can come back to them and still wreck.

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I thought I wanted Orendi. And since launch, I have really only played as Orendi, Miko, Marquis and now Alani.

I.LOVE.MARQUIS. But I want to be a viable healer as well for when our team needs/nobody else choose one.

For now, I’ll keep choosing based on what the team needs. If I max out a toon, awesome. But until then, I keep playing as long as the game is fun!

Caldarius for me. Even before the beta, I saw the character and the main motif and was like “Yes, he’s mine!”

Was slightly saddened that the open beta restricted the ability to acquire him via mission, but that’s all good now lol.


Initially everything seemed to yell at me "MAIN MARQUIS"
1/ A robot.
2/ A GENTLEMAN robot.
3/ A SNIPER gentleman robot.
4/ a sniper gentleman robot with a robot pet.
5/ A ROBOT PET NAMED HOODINI ( background : I use the program named Houdini, which is mainly use to make VFX, at work. )

And then I mained Phoebe, because I liked her appearance and always had a little something for fencing, and I actually loved her when I finally got her.

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Love dwarves. Love his gameplay, personality and banter.
Master of Boldur now and worth every moment.
(Need that Gold skin and T2 Wood skin to release!)


Can’t really decide. I like everything dakka dakka and pew pew and light show. Also healers and stabby stabby.

Orendi for sure. Secondly WF.

I’m not dissapointed, and really close to 100 percenting Orendi.


I had a soft spot for the crazy old geezer when I saw him. Plus I dig shields and he’s the shield masta!


Benedict. Actually, he was the reason I bought the game in the first place! I came across a vid of his voice clips and I couldn’t get enough of him. XD

As I played him, I found he complemented my playstyle. I love mobility and distracting and driving back enemies, so naturally, he became my main. XD

How did you find out what his T2 skins are? If you don’t mind answering.

You can see bots using tier 2 skins in private pvp matches. Here’s a link: https://m.imgur.com/a/yguAD

As for characters, my first master was Montana, when I first played him I was kind of annoyed by his size and speed, as well as poor efficacy at long range, but once I figured out what he’s all about, completely fell in love. I then mastered Ghalt, as I was curious about what was behind that lvl40 wall. Also have some characters lore complete, just a matter of grinding out the levels.

If you’re looking for a character to play, id honestly say try them all and see what you like. Chars like Benedict aren’t usually my go to in these types of games, but when I picked him up, I immediately thought: “Holy ■■■■, this guy is fuuun”

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As I wasn’t even originally planning on getting the game and hadn’t followed it much if at all prior to release, nope. Just started playing as Orendi at the beginning and didn’t stop till I had the master title. After that it’s taken some time to find other chars that clicked with me. Was working on Mellka but she hasn’t all clicked for me yet. Then I spent time with Thorn, much different story. Alani is much the same way so they’ll be my next 2.

Seems like you enjoy high-mobility dps. May I suggest caldarius and oscar mike (a lot of fun, even though he’s pretty basic cable)


Mostly because I think “maining” a character makes you bad at the game. Seriously, I hate the term. You may find me saying that I prefer tanky front-line characters, but that’s as close as I’ll get to that word.

I never once picked a character to max out, I pick what works in the team comp I’m presented with and work on different characters to strengthen my play everywhere, it’s such a weird concept to me to just pick a favorite and only play them… like only playing 1/26th of the game

That’s why I hit 100 and still didn’t have a mastery…

But when double XP hit, I wound up popping three masteries over the weekend (Kleese, Boldur, S&A) without ever actually “focusing” on any one of them.

Whenever I hear someone say “I main x-character” I just hear “I’m not flexible at the game.”

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Holy crap those look awesome.

Ehhh…this really only applies in PvP.

In PvE you don’t even need to necessarily have a healer/tank in the team, even on advanced(makes it more likely for success/easier usually but eh).

I think he’s just asking who people decided to focus on first to master, not that they only and ever played that one character forever and ever. I know I play my Kleese and Rath very little now that I mastered them.

I’d rather hear that than “I’m pretty average at 25 characters”. I myself focus on 1-2 characters at a time to get a good idea of how they work and what they can do, then move on to others.

But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with leaning towards a specific play style, role or character. If that’s what people enjoy, let them do so

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I originally wanted to main and max Rath, but I found he’s too squishy to play in a game where team fights happen very often. He wrecks 1v1, but it’s not often you get to single someone out and kill them without the rest of the team jumping in and beating you into a bloody pulp. It’s easier to do in capture, but I don’t play that mode often, because I don’t like not having my good gear loadouts unpurchasable due to low shard drops.

I moved onto Oscar Mike after having several amazing matches with him, making him my main and first maxed hero.


Who’s to say you can’t main multiple characters, though? The term “main” isn’t rigid to the point that it can only apply to one single hero. In Smite, I main Loki (assassin), Bastet (assassin), Bakasura (assassin), Thor (assassin), Ah Muzen Cab (hunter/ADC), Cabrakan (tank), Bellona (bruiser), Nox (mage) and Freya (mage).

You can main into multiple heroes and be good with them, but suck with all the others. This is normal, not everyone is awesome at playing everything. I’m damn good at Oscar Mike, but I suck when playing Shayne & Aurox and there’s nothing I can do to change it. You don’t need to be flexible to the point that you’re average with everyone, but instead flexible enough that you can play any role that’s needed and play it great with the hero you main.

Tried Cald once, didn’t click off the bat. Will give him another go sometime as even Thorn didn’t really click with me the first game I tried with her. OM is fine, played him a few times but since a buddy of mine was working on him I spent time with others. He is pretty basic but he’s also some pretty good dumb fun. His dialog gets me everytime too :smiley: