Did you know...?

…that on console, you can push in your left thumb stick while looking at the crew challenge list on any map or planet to see a list of the OTHER things you haven’t done on this map yet? It will tell you about the number of named locations you have seen out of the max in that area. And red chests, crew challenges done, and a few other things.

Please continue this thread with other tips and tricks and factoids you would like to share.

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I found out about this a few weeks ago but thanks for the PSA for new players.

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Also if you zoom all the way out you can see a bunch more challenges. Use square to cycle threw them all

Shoot shield and sword maliwan guys in the legs to make them trip, even little damage will suffice, then shoot their weak spot on their back for very high crit damage.


I found out yesterday through some random reddit comment while hunting for something on Pandora.