Did you make any stealth changes to MM, GBX? (looks not)

Because I suddenly find myself completely unable to find any players, on a Sunday afternoon.

If you’ve done so I’d wager it’s “fixing” the ability of players to “spoof” their location through Steam’s download region. Unless you guys are pooling everyone together instead, leave that alone, it’s a necessary thing to play in some regions, including mine

EDIT: Found other players so looks like it’s not the case. Still… Damn, hard to find a match today

Doesn’t sound like something they’d do. They’d post an alert.

PC playerbase is just super low.

We had the spike in players because of the Humble Bundle sale they had a while ago. Now a lot of those players are leaving for whatever reason, or everyone is playing No Man’s Sky atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Just need to wait for another sale or this game going F2P (yes, I will keep drilling that in till it happens!), then we’ll see another spike.

Which would be shortlived just the same.

Bringing more players at this point is like filling a bucket with more water, without patching the many holes first

Work on MM, separate solos and premades queues, THEN go f2p/box sale.

It worked for Evolve. It took a year, but it still worked even though they never fixed the matchmaking bugs.

The numbers for evolve are dropping fast. That was my point. You can get back to several dozen thousands by going f2p, but if the problems that made everyone left persist, they will leave just like those before them did.

I was agreeing with you. They got people back, but forget to fix it up beforehand. I feel as if GBX won’t make the same mistake since they’ve been trying pretty hard so far in only the first 3 months to make changes to better the game.

Nah, they’ve been messing with it weekly. Actually, in the last patch, they made it so they can change even more in the patches. They’ve only actively told us a few times.

I don’t think F2P will do much good. I think the people it will bring will not be people any of us will want to play with. It’s pretty evident in the attitude of people that claim it, in general, imo. But yeah, the botched launch is still a huge trouble for BB. I’m liking the way 2K is attacking it. With sales and the humble bundle… It’s just really hard to keep traction once "no one plays it because ‘no one plays it’ ". And the hype machine blows things out of proportion both sides…

I just hope 2K and GBX figure out a way to keep the player base more or less stable. I’m hoping for a slow and steady thing. And I can’t see F2P as doing much other than: piss off lots of people that paid for content, depending on how it’s implemented; bringing in a sudden influx of players who may or may not stick around after 2-4 weeks; increasing the amount of toxic ■■■■■■■■ a huge amount. I’m from League and they’re there pretty much every single game. In BB I’ve met this one guy who made one comment once, and even that was mild by interweb standards.

That may be a thing to look into in the future. But not for at least this year, I think. There’s Season pass DLC still rolling, the hype tide is coming and going, game still has pretty rough edges… and it is an excellent game. I do think BB could be cheaper, maybe get reworked into smaller packages… there’s some things to look into but, like I said… slow and steady.