Did you smoothe out the game?

I’m not a FPS person, But i have noticed it running substantially better today than it has before, did you guys sneak that in too or am i crazy?

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On all platforms they introduced performance fixes and improvements.

Most notably there is 1080p 60fps support on console versions. This seems to have been achieved by lowering performance in other areas (for an example, try loading up one of the story missions that have long potential draw distances and behold the inky black curtain - the Varelsi have clearly stepped up their game).

Overall a very nice improvement. You can still toggle back to 1080p 30fps if you want a more consistent framerate, as 60fps can drop below that with heavier action.

Well thats damn cool of em! Is there a link to the full and real patch notes? I Don’t remember seeing that at all in the ones i read

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There were a couple of things in the notes that could be alluding to those changes like:

Numerous FX adjustments have been made to reduce visual noise and improve performance


Numerous performance improvements to maps and FX content

But we didn’t see what those actually resulted in until we got our hands on the update.

Going by these patch notes, linked in the Winter Update thread: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208491946-Xbox-One-Update-Hot-fix-information

Aw, vague notes are vague, well thank you for confirming i’m not insane!