Did you the devs think they could get away with this crap?

$11.00 Skins…, all taunts price went up a dollar… what on earth is this bull. Microtransactions are already out of hand as is and your final update is greed? 500 hours and this is what I get for buying your damn game twice at launch… I can’t believe this I feel beyond disrespected as both a consumer and as a person who has spent over 300$ on platinum to support your continued development. I feel like after 500$ of support i deserve some kind fo answer as to why this is what we get as a final update.


I really don’t understand why the skins aren’t 1625 plat. (The ten dollar package In the marketplace)

Do they want to make people mad? Because this is how you make people mad.


There are other threads discussing the patch already. There’s no need for another one.