Didn't get a bekah in tvhm

Does anyone know why I haven’t received a bekah in tvhm I jus completed the story and for some reason all my hammerlock hunts were already checked off and I never recieved that or even a lyuda

The Hunts and Targets of Opportunity only count once per character. If you do them before 50 you’re kinda screwed.


This is my 2nd amara I’m using but my 1st I had a bekah in normal and tvhm

Is there a possibility you confused both Amaras? That’d be the easiest way to explain that without any bugs. Afterall, there are two Bekahs for two Amaras.

If you’re sure there was no mix-up on your part, you can send a ticket to GBX. Maybe it’s just a bug.

Bekah and Lyuda is once per character at least for me.
Never got 2 and playing BL3 since launch

Lyuda can be a world drop… I have one at level 13, 32, and 42 but only the last one was from hammylocks.

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Yeah I forgot to write from target of opportunity quest Lyuda is only once per character