Didn't get my 5k Bar Bonus

This is xbox one. I got my moonstone and guns. Somehow it even gave me the keys twice. Decided not to port any characters over from the 360.just gonna start fresh but I started with 0 bad ass rank. What happened to my 5k. Xbox tag is bucksquat

I thought you had to transfer at least one toon to get the BAR bonus?

this!! its a loyalty reward not a free reward…

I posted this for a friend. I never played the presequal and I got 5k. He did end up transferring a toon today and still no 5k.

nope, you dont need to transfer any saves/classes to get the rewards.
i couldnt transfer any of my toons as i went from 360 to ps4 but i got all the loyalty rewards and the bonus badass ranks etc. for some reason tho i got 15k in total badass ranks dunno how that happened on each game.

also jus a quick question. are badass ranks between both games shared? not the stat increases jus the rank. i ask this cos they were both the same for both games when i started an when i played in one game it would increase the other games rank (or it seemed it did anyway.) an then i had an issue that corrupted my save data an i lost all my saves in the pre sequel, my bad ass ranks were reset to 0 but only in pre sequel an i lost my rewards for that game too bl2 badass ranks etc are intact. i though the ranks were connected but now my bl2 rank went from 15k to 10k after the corrupt save of pre sequel aswell an now i have 0 ranks for pre sequel and 10k for bl2 when they were both at around 15101k before i had that problem i was sure my badass ranks were the same at jus above 15k for each game an it seemed when i got points in one game it would give them to me along with the tokens in the other game. but now it doesnt. also why did i loose 5k ranks in bl2 when my pre sequel save got deleted if the 2 are not connected.

i sent a support ticket to query my ranks an misssing loyalty rewards an to get them resent etc. i also asked if the ranks were shared but apparently they are not connected in any way. jus seems odd from my first experience with this a short while ago when the ranks seemed to be linked between both games an upon loading bl2 after playing the pre sequel i was often greeted with a msg saying i had unspent badass tokens which i assumed were from what i earned in the pre sequel coming over.