Didn't get my coopetition title

Has anyone tried to get this title? My team just finished a game at a total of 73 kills and I didn’t get the title.

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I didn’t get the title either and my team got 82 kills. I feel like we qualified for the title.

I hope they fix it and give it to all the ppl who did it cause I took a screenshot of it too

People surrender before we reach 60 kills.

Sad life.

Ppl kept doin to that us too but we wouldn’t hit the sentry at all to make it look like they still had a chance so they stayed lol

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My Match ID where we weren’t awarded the Coopetition Title D:

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Ya’ll ain’t gone fool me, I see my whole team’s icon floating over the scoreboard and I’m waving that white flag like I’ve been stuck on an island for twenty years.

What do we have to do get this title??

I made a thread in the Support folder thing.

82 kills!? That’s insane!

68 team kills, none of us got the title.

I hope it’s fixed with updates or something

I haven’t received the trader title which is play as LLC 25 times, even tho I’ve got the count title which is win as LLC 25 times and I’ve done over 50 missions as ISIC. Safe to say that some titles are bugged, I really hope the first patch fixes the titles too.

Still not fixed, and iwannit right meow. It’s like worthy of song, but more badass!

Ikr I want it now too lol

This is bullcrap, my team has worked really hard to get this title, and we finally got the 60 required kills, but none of us got the title… Wtf, anyone got a fix?

My team goto over 60 kills and didn’t get it. So we thought that we all had to be in the same lobby. So we did it again. No title. Then we thought it was because we didn’t kill the last sentry. Later, we got 62 kills, Won by killing both sentries, and we did it while all in the same lobby. Didn’t get it.

My team just got the kill requirement, but only 1 of us got the title. Kind of odd.

That guy was involved in every single kill then. There’s another thread, I think I said this above, with a similar title. It’s only 20 or so. And the conclusion was that everyone had to be involved or something.