Didnt get the final form skins even though i have pass 1

so is this a bug and i need to write a ticket, or is this normal
because if i remember right with season pass 1 i get those right?
cuz i do have that and i have to buy these skins

holy ■■■■ a single one of these costs 10 euros
thats INSANE

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Same here. I see the Body slot ingame but it only lists the default body. I bought the Super Deluxe Edition back in the day.


i guess its a typical day for gearbox right now
im hearing how most of the hotfixes dont work like i checked and zanes skilltree changes arent there
im hearing half the dlc is not working
i should not have been suprised this would not work either


I feel like I was scammed.
In my country Ultimate now costs exactly how Super Deluxe Pre-order(it was lower then post launch price) was worth.
And I can’t get these skins too. Also - WHOLE Story DLC - 15 Euros, 1 character model (4 total) - 10 Euros. Balanced, as all the things should be.
Won’t buy SP2 unless there is discount or before dlc 2 reveal.
Fun fact - if u buy SP2 - you instantly get new models for VHs.

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Are you saying that they rolled stuff out untested? GBX relying on their customers to do the beta testing for them…say it ain’t so!


just wanna say to all those who where like have faith in them

like i 110% did call it
everything broken, they nerf to make new content better
almost dont change anything
they failed at half the stuff they wanted to do again

dlc wont work for alot of ppl
buffs dont work for alot of ppl
op gear with super hardcroe weapons speak a 40k dmg SMG
man its so good to be right
never buy anything from gearbox until its out for a month or a year os so


Also I can’t drag gear with mouse in my inventory now

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Huge problem that I see is - they only up the damage on legendaries. Hello powercreap(or whatever it’s called). Now they u get legendary gun before mayhem - it’s usually OP.

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if its not legendary toss it


just wanna say
epicnnn or what hes called did a review on dlc 5

guess what EXACT same as dlc 4 review
:smiley: man borderlands content creators are a joke at this point
they got bought and they sold themselves rly cheap


I just asked a similar question in another thread. I thought that if you had the original Season Pass, you were supposed to have the new Final Forms cosmetics.

Coinciding with the November 10 release of the Designer’s Cut add-on included in Season Pass 2, the Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs will be granted to owners of the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition and original Season Pass, as well as to anyone purchasing the new Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition, console-only Borderlands 3 Next-Level Edition, or Season Pass 2.


why playtest? everything they did past year worked like a charm didn’t it :rofl:

just as this update didn’t break anything :stuck_out_tongue:

i still can’t play the game… servers offline :roll_eyes:


The Cosmetic Packs are free to those of us who have the Super Deluxe/Ultimate/Season Pass, but they have to be installed individually.


They said on their twitter that you might have to download the stuff separately.



Yep, hence why I refer to my copy as the Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition. Missed the fine print on my copy that stated “Upon purchasing out product you agree to be an unpaid beta tester for GBX Corp.”

I can’t play the game unless I want to roll the dice in bricking my console, still after a year. So to paraphrase what we are told by GBX regarding fixes and what I have said a few times on this forum…

“I am aware of your new DLC and looked into it. As for purchasing it, not at this time.”


In regards to the tweet: That’s great and all but, on steam, it doesn’t say I own them on the store page. So, I add them to cart and then they say I own them. So, I am in this loop of being unable to download cause the steam store isn’t registering that I own it


i dont even own these even though i own the pass needed to get them
i cant download what i dont own right now



Yeah, I can’t figure out how to download them separately.

PC user, Super Deluxe BL3, on Epic Games.

*I tried putting them in my cart individually. Didn’t seem to help (looked like I’d have to pay, wasn’t willing to try and actually pay).
*I verified my game file. Nope.
*Looked in game. Couldn’t find anything.
*Looked in SHIFT. Couldn’t find anything.

Help on downloading them, if anyone figures it out, would be great. Thanks in advance if you do.

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I’m in the same position, it appears it’s pretty common too judging by the responses on the Bl3 twitter. 2kSupport is recommending to people they file a ticket.

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