Didn't know this was possible

Anyone guess where I am?

I always tried getting in here before the door closed but just figured it was part of the scenery and not an actual room to get into. However, you can actually get in here before the door closes with the proper artifact. Too bad there isn’t something more rewarding than a chest of green, M0 guns on M10…


Yeah, I’ve been there with Zane a few times, the first by mistake :sweat_smile:


Been there, like you said it’s not worth it so dont bother anymore, was probably in that room about 15 times and I domt think I even got a purple bit of gear (all on MH10 )


Snowdrift is the key


dont even seem to need snowdrift.

Just run with a 10% and or slide at the right time and you get right in.

No reason to bother though as the OP said. one chest no reward.

I honestly don’t. Doh!

Don’t say it! There should be enough clues in the image to tell with some sleuthing?

I make it a point to get there with each new character that I bring there… seems like they’d put more of a prize in there (I think I’ve also only seen greens in that chest).

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Probably only neat when leveling up. The whole design of that level is freaking awesome.

Its easy to get in there with spiritdrive amara lol i did it once thought it was a mistake and was happy to see a chest then disappointed after i found out it doesnt scale.

@emeryx, if you ask, someone will tell you, but I figured we’d give you a shot at finding it yourself, as once it’s been spoiled, that opportunity is lost.

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I’ve never actually tried to get in there because I didn’t think it was possible. I’m gonna try on my next visit to VU just for fun.