Didn't receive the new "Designer Cut"

I bought the super deluxe edition, as did many of my friends. My friends all got the new “directors cut” for free and it’s saying that I need to purchase it?

None of them paid for it, nor did they pay for the season 2 pass

It’s not supposed to be free. The update added a mission poster for it on Sanctuary, but that’s it. Perhaps they bought the Ultimate edition rather than the Super Deluxe? That includes Season Pass 2.

When the game first released in the Epic Game Store, I purchased the 99,99€ version, and it’s called the Super Deluxe Edition, which seems to now be only 79,99€, did they just simply change it and I’m screwed now because it doesn’t include Season Pass 2? I really thought getting the 99,99€ version would be enoughg to guarantee me all future updates, and not just them dropping the price later on and releasing an ‘Ultimate Edition’.

Super Deluxe included Season Pass 1. At launch time, there was no announcement regarding season pass 2, so that was not included in the purchase price.

If that had been GBX’s intention, they would have included something like ‘and all future updates’ in the product description.

Sorry, but it’s not unheard of for companies to change pricing over the lifetime of a game. Nor is releasing previously unannounced paid content something new to GBX. None of the BL2 headhunter packs were retroactively included in the BL2 season pass, for example, even though they were bundled in the Handsome Collection when it released.

The super deluxe included season pass 1. With that you should have gotten the final form skins for free.

You’ll need to purchase dlc 5 for the arms race and 4th skill trees. There’s not any additional benefit for getting season pass 2 unless you just want to pre-pay for dlc 6.

The new ultimate edition wasn’t available at launch, and it does include both season passes.