Difference between Normal Mayhem 3 and TVH Mayhem 3?

Hi, was just wondering if there is any change in difficulty/loot between the 2 modes at Mayhem 3.
Once you get to lv50 in Normal and activate Mayhem 3, is it then worth it to go through the endless boredom of the main story again? Is there any change to it?
(I don’t seem to notice any change in difficulty or loot quality honestly)
Thanks in advance…

I think the only difference is the element matching bonus you get in TVHM is higher. So using a shock weapon on shields is more effective in TVHM than it is in NVHM

ah… I see… Thanks, then totally not worth it ahahha

There could be other differences but that’s the one I know of for sure. Other than that, TVHM is a good chance to get level 50 versions of the various unique guns/shields/grenades you get in sidequests/progressing the story

I saw speculation in a thread yesterday that it spawns more badasses/annointed, which have better loot drops, and so indirectly drops more loot. Anecdotally, I’d say that I do see more BAs and Annointed in TVHM, so I’m inclined to believe that. If you’re running Slaughers, it’s probably worth. If you’re just Graveward farming, then not worth it at all.

Some have speculated that the drops are better, but there’s no confirmation either way.

If you save all the side quests until you unlock mayhem mode, everything in normal jumps to your level. You could theoretically level in slaughterdomes and proving grounds till 50 and go get level 50 versions of side quest loot.

Yeah probably that’s the only value I see in it.
I believe they did a serious f**k up with bringing you up to level 40+ in the normal playthrough, it gives no incentive to play it again other than to have a lv50 pipebomb…
They should have held off Mayhem mode for when you finish TVHM AND(!) they should have limited the annointed loot to TVHM.
This badly affected the replayability of the game, at the current state of the game, with a lv50 fully geared siren, with about 300 Guardian lvls, after 2 weeks of playing it, I see myself forced to leave it on the shelf… :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

They could enable the TVHM percentages for elemental damage in normal Mayhem mode. They could add “reset quests” on normal mode and then let you play with mayhem modifiers. Ditch TVHM altogether.

TVHM and forcing the player to play the main campaign again is a relic of the older Borderlands games. Mayhem mode addition already provides a way for them to add challenge and level scaling.

This also makes sense, unless they really wanted to add variety and new features to TVMH.

So the final verdict is: SCREW TVHM!

Yes I think that was me who said that and I was gonna say it again. When my girlfriend and I played tvhm in a duo there were tons of annointed enemies and badasses. We both got a lot of legendaries through our second playthrough. Sadly no legendaries either of us wanted. Is it worth playing again? Depends on the person. I enjoyed it, though it would have been more pleasurable to skip cutscenes.

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I did a little testing on this on normal Mayhem 1, TVHM Mayhem 1 and TVHM no Mayhem (only Mayhem 1 because it’s very difficult to test with a thousand random modifiers). I believe there is no difference whatsoever between normal-Mayhem and TVHM-Mayhem. Findings:

Skags have exactly the same health in Norm-M1 and TVHM-M1 - both more than in regular TVHM.
They do exactly the same damage in all three of those modes.
In Norm-Mayhem, elemental damage modifiers are the same as in TVHM-regular and TVHM-Mayhem.
In Norm-Mayhem, Skag Pups are renamed to Lil Skags, just like in TVHM.

What I think is really going on: there’s a normal mode, then there’s a TVHM mode, and then there’s the Mayhem modes - which are based on TVHM. I believe the only difference is that TVHM Mayhem allows you to replay story and missions.

I’ve only tested this with skags, I could be wrong and there are some differences somewhere, but given how that all is exactly the same makes me believe they didn’t actually make them any different.